How Keeping a “Clothing Pantry” Saves a Ton of Cash!

How-Keeping-a-clothing-pantry-saves-a-ton-of-cashClothing storage is the same concept as food storage, only you wear it instead of eat it.

I have always bought clothing “off season” for the next year. For instance, at the end of this summer, I bought lots of T-shirts and shorts for my kids for next summer. At the end of winter I will pick up coats for them to wear next year. Everything I buy is at least 75% off, sometimes it’s even 90% off. So, when next summer rolls around I won’t have to spend TONS of money buying new clothes for 5 children. I do the same with shoes, if they are in a size 1 now, I know they will eventually need a size 2 or 3, so if I see an excellent deal I buy them. I also like to do this with shoes. Kids out grow shoes so fast and having new pairs, that you didn’t spend too much on is so helpful.

I have bins like these for each of the kids, that I keep in the garage. Whenever I pick something up for someone I just throw it in the bin. Then when a new season rolls around I pull out the bins and decide what items I need to fill in. Shirts are much easier to buy than pants, because different pants fit people different ways. So if there is anything I need to buy, it is usually pants.

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If you want you can even label the bins according to size. This way was your child says “None of these shirts fit”, all you have to do is go do your Clothing Pantry and get some ones that do.

Of course, occasionally, I will buy something that didn’t work out, but I don’t worry about it too much, because I can always give it to family or friends to use. I figure I am saving lots of money buying the clothes this way, so if I make a few mistakes it is no biggie.

It is easiest to buy clothing for the younger ones. If your teens are are boys, and they mostly wear jeans, t-shirts & hoodies,it really isn’t too hard to find them stuff either. I am sure that will be a different story when my daughter is a teenager. I can hear her already “You want me to wear that? That is so last year, Mom!”

For now, this system works for me and saves me a TON of money.

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