Make Reading Fun for Your Kids This Summer

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Make-Reading-Fun-For-KidsSome kids love reading, while others loathe it. Get your kids excited about reading by being inventive this summer! You might want to check out the Amazon Summer Reading List as a start.

Below are ways to Keep Children Reading For the Summer

Start Early.

If you aren’t finished having kids, you have a chance to start early. Read books out loud while you are pregnant, and read to your baby at least once a day every single day once he is born. No matter what else is going on, carve at least 10 minutes out of your day to do this very important task. The earlier you start, the more likely they are going to want to learn how to read, and eventually enjoy reading on their own. Starting late can make reading seem like a chore.

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Make it Fun.

If you didn’t get an early start, or even if you did, it’s important to make reading fun! Make a game out of it. Not a race, because then they won’t actually read the book, but a game. For children that are old enough to write, give them the week to read a book, then a day to write a book report. You don’t have to call it a book report – call it a summary, or video tape them talking about the book. You just want to make sure they are understanding and remembering what they read – writing, talking, it doesn’t matter which way.

Give Incentives.

I’m not one to use bribes, but sometimes you can use a bribe and disguise it as an incentive – and that works! You can create a reward system like “Book Bucks” where they get 1 “Book Buck” for every book they read, and 2 “Bucks” for every video or book report.

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Get Creative.

I mentioned videos above, but instead of doing a book report video, create a copy of the book – in movie form! Have the kids work together to create cast members, scripts, and props, and then you can videotape them creating a short version of the book in movie form.

Play reporter. Set up your desk like you are a newscaster, and ask your child questions about the book. Write down their answers just as any good journalist would, and then save those notes for them to use in their book reports later!

Read outside. Sometimes, you just need a change of pace. You can read at the library, or at any book store, but what about the park? Or in a coffee shop (provided they can sit quietly)? Make a list of 10 places you would like to read books at before the end of summer, and mark things off as you complete your “Book Bucket List”.

How do you keep your kids interested in reading?

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This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy

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