Celebrating Your Anniversary on a Budget

Celebrating-you-anniversary-on-a-budgetAnniversaries, the magical time of year where couples celebrate the day they got married. It is also one of the issues that causes men in sit-coms and romantic comedies to panic and turn into complete, comical fools (or even bigger fools) because they forgot to buy an anniversary present or make that special reservation for a fancy dinner at some popular restaurant. That in turn gives us a chance to laugh at their misery as they attempt to fix their mistake before their wives find out.

While it might be the ideal to want to get your spouse jewelry, go to a fancy restaurant, or go on a second honeymoon, sometimes you simply can’t afford it. However, just because you don’t have the budget, doesn’t mean your day of romance is ruined, nor should it be put on hold. These alternatives are just as romantic and allow you to spend time with your spouse.

  • Dinner At Home – Preparing a romantic dinner at home is one of the simplest alternatives to going out to a fancy restaurant. A home-cooked meal will always be much cheaper than eating out. Assure your menu includes your spouse’s favorite foods. Don’t forget the dessert and champagne or wine.
  • Go out for breakfast instead of dinner – Breakfast menus are usually much cheaper than lunch and dinner menus. If you planned a vacation day from work for your anniversary, this is the perfect way to surprise her with that.
  • Go out for dessert – You read that right. Completely skip dinner (or prepare dinner at home) and order dessert. You can let your sweetheart indulge in a pricy dessert and still have a lot of money.
    Picnic at the park – Pack a picnic basket full of goodies and head out to a park. Of course, make sure the weather is nice enough for said picnic. Alternatively, if you live close enough to the beach, head there for a picnic on the beach instead.
  • Movie night –Some movie theaters have cheap matinee showing times. Alternatively, you could just stay home and use Netflix to watch a nostalgic movie, or one you’ve always wanted to see. In addition, staying home means you won’t spend more on drinks and popcorn than you did getting into the theater.
  • Go to a wine tasting – Some wineries offer wine tastings. Some wineries have free tasting sessions, and the wine is accompanied by tasty snacks. When you’re done, if there’s a wine that you both enjoyed and the price fits into your budget, you can buy a bottle to enjoy later that evening.
  • Tourist for a day – Go out and do the local tourist activities that you’ve always secretly wanted to do, no matter how cheesy they are. Most walking tours are free, and you never know, you might learn some interesting history about your local area that you never knew before. You can even spend the day just walking through the city and taking photos of each other and buildings you like.
  • Dancing – Check out dance studios in your area to find out if they offer discounted dancing lessons. It’s great exercise for you both, and allows you to spend time with your spouse. Alternatively, you can turn your living room into a dance floor for two and slow dance after your dinner at home.

What are some fun ways you have celebrated your anniversary on a dime?

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  1. anne says

    This year on our first anniversary we will be moving. Because the first weekend coincided with our anniversary we decided to make the most of our new space. We ended up needing to rent both apartments for the month so extra spending or leaving was not an option. We are moving our bed the day before and any essentials. I have Friday off so I will be unpacking and getting the kitchen ready. When my husband gets off work we will get our suitcases with everything we would need for the weekend. I hate eating out and we both LOVE cooking and each other so on our honeymoon we cooked decadent meals together and we will do that together in our new home. We’re also having a small group of friends over for a picnic on our actual anniversary who were not able to come to the wedding because they were teaching overseas. It may end up very rudamentary and we could use the time for actually moving but we thought it would be special to settle in together and enjoy doing it.

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