The Secrets to Organizing on a Budget


With the dreary days of winter hanging over our heads, lots of people are looking forward to spring and spring cleaning. We accumulate lots of stuff we don’t need over the holidays, especially if there are children involved! However, lots of organization advice seems to be aimed at those who have a huge budget for expensive boxes, totes, and organizational systems. Our tips can help you organize on a budget. Purge First It’s easy to look at a cluttered room {Read More}

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Spring Cleaning Checklist (Free Printable)


Who’s ready to do some Spring Cleaning?? If it were up to me.. I would rather someone ELSE might do mine.  But that’s not going to happen, so how about a Spring Cleaning Checklist to help out? Better than nothin’ (as a note this is from my site when we used to be Thrifty Wifey, so it still has that logo on it.) Don’t forget you can also print out our Monthly Cleaning Schedule, too. There are also some interesting {Read More}

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Don’t Get Ripped Off at Costco! 4 Things NOT to do at Membership Stores


Walking into Costco for the first time can be super exciting! You are surrounded by tons and tons of products at prices that seem too good to be true. Before you know it, you are at home, wondering why you have $25 worth of ramen noodles, enough toilet paper to get you through the zombie apocalypse, and no food that your family actually eats. Use these steps to shop smart at Costco and avoid getting ripped off. Have a Good {Read More}

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Take the Frustration Out of Bill Paying


Bad News- having to sit down with your checkbook or at your computer and pay bills (but paying bills is something we have to do every month every month whether we like it or not). Good news-   there is a method to this that can make the job a little easier for you, and it will save you some time when tax season rolls around. 1. Keep all your bills on a spreadsheet, calendar or in a notebook. You will {Read More}

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How to Fake a Clean House


Uh oh! You just got a phone call that your best friend from high school/fellow PTO member/husband’s coworker is going to be at your house in 20 minutes. Unfortunately, your home looks like a tornado went through it. You may not have time to clean, but you have time to fake-clean! Limit Your Scope Your visitors aren’t going to be everywhere in your house, so pick the rooms you want to focus on. You’ll need the other rooms for emergency {Read More}

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7 Ways to Upgrade Your Morning Coffee


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Seattle’s Best Coffee® for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. Hey, coffee lover! Are you looking to upgrade your morning cup? I have a few great tips that will help you do just that! They are super easy and won’t put a dent in your pocketbook. 1. Use Seattle’s Best Coffee®- Seattle’s Best Coffee® is brewed from 100% Arabica beans, is a high-quality coffee and has a surprisingly smooth {Read More}