Making Your “At Home” Coffee and Tea Taste Better


So it is not a far reach to say most of us know that making coffee and tea at home vs a daily Starbucks run is going to save you money. But here is the problem… it never tastes as good to me.  Do you feel this way?  I needed a “how to” on how to make good coffee. I found a way to improve it, though, and get it a step closer to that yummy coffee shop flavor.. use {Read More}

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3 Simple Tips to Saving Money on Groceries


If you are like our family, you are considering lots of ways to “tighten your belt” and save wherever you can. Some things seem might like too much of a sacrifice and other suggestions seem impractical for your lifestyle and your busy schedule. It might sound a bit silly but we have found that the environmentalist slogan “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” can be a helpful tool in saving money on the grocery bill as well. REDUCE – Take a minute to {Read More}

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15 Ways to Save Money Every Day

piggy bank

Looking for some ways to save money?  Here are 15 tips that just might help you out. Stay home more- first off with the cost of gas staying home more is just going to save more because you are not driving. But staying home makes sure you are not buying things on impulse. Get movie Rentals from DVDPlay Or RedBox- These vending machine movies only cost $1 to $1.50 per rental and can be picked up when you are at {Read More}

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Want to Eat Healthy on a Budget? 10 Tips That Make it Easy


Who here is trying to eat healthier?  It can be hard, especially on a budget.. Here are 10 tips to help you out: 1. Buy vegetables, fruits, and meats while they are in-season (and in turn, cheapest and most nutritious). Freeze and dehydrate your foods so you can enjoy their flavors year round, without the hefty price tag. 2. Support local farmers! If you purchase directly from the grower, you will cut out the middle man (and his fees). 3. Don’t know {Read More}

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Small Change(s) Can Add Up to Big Bucks


It’s funny for many years we never lived on any sort of strict budget.  We had enough money and that was that…. but when our businesses went south and my husband was unemployed for a year we really needed to make some big changes.  I picked up Dave Ramsey’s “The Total Money Makeover” and really took to it.  My husband read it, too and we decided to go on a strict, written budget and start paying cash for almost everything. Living {Read More}

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4 Types of Scams and How to Avoid Them


Can you really avoid a scam? Most people think it will eventually happen to them but it doesn’t have to, you can prevent it just by using common sense and being a smart consumer. I had a call the other evening from my bank, it was from an unknown number asking me to call another number back due to fraud being detected with my ATM/Debit card. The unknown number immediately threw up a red flag for me, I thought, what {Read More}

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