So I Think I am a Hoarder.. What Do You Think?

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Last week we cleaned out our office.. it was pretty scary.  I don’t know what  yours is like.. but ours is scary. We took almost everything out of the office and put it in the living room. We  had 3 boxes to sort stuff in: throw away, keep and recycle.  Most of it actually went in the garbage.  I am amazed at how much I do get rid of on a daily basis but yet how much is left and {Read More}

Uh Oh, Daddy… You are IN Trouble…

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My husband is not the saver in this family.. we have been together a long time (since high school) so he has improved but he still likes to spend money a lot It’s ok with me.. because it’s a balance.  If it were just me I would probably hoard it all and we would never do  I am pretty sure God knew what He was doing went he put us together. Yesterday he took our oldest daughter out to {Read More}

Today’s Frugal Tip: Rent Movies Instead of Going to The Theater

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Renting movies really is the frugal way to go. Movies from Redbox and Blockbuster Express are only around $1 (and you can almost always get a free code if you want).  Going out to one is pretty much going to cost you an arm and a leg- so if you have a little patience you can keep all your appendages :). Splurge on dinner out- then bring a movie back home. If you have a frugal tip email it to {Read More}

Save $54.79 (or more) Every Month By Packing a Lunch

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save $50

Most of you know that packing a lunch can save you money, but I always think being reminded of these little savings is a good thing. I think you could save quite a bit more than $54.79 a month by packing a lunch, but prices vary. Lunches out could range from a few dollars at a fast food place or $10 or more at a nicer restaurant. The lunch you pack is probably going to cost in the range of {Read More}

Homemade Window Cleaner

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Ever been out of cleaning supplies just when you need them?  Or maybe you simple want to cut down on chemicals in your home. How about trying out some Homemade Window Cleaner?  I really like my homemade cleaners.. I think they work great.  Try one of these recipes out and then leave a comment. 1. Vinegar Vinegar is germ killer and grease cutter.  But make sure to use white vinegar It’s cheapest, anyway).  With it you can get streak-free windows {Read More}

Today’s Frugal Tip- Make Your Own Simple Jam

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Today’s frugal tip is too easy, I think even those readers who don’t love being in the kitchen can do this and feel like they really accomplished something great! Make your own simple jam (I saw a similar recipe in the September issue of Whole Living Magazine). It looks super easy, fresh and yummy. Simple Freezer Jam Ingredients 2 Lbs of prepared fruit (you could even use frozen!!) 1 cup of sugar Directions Cook fruit and sugar in a medium {Read More}