Today’s Frugal Tip: Shop Online More

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I have a confession, over the last few years my enjoyment of shopping has really gone down.  I step into a store these days and I am pretty much ready to leave as soon as I got there. But shopping  online is a different story..  getting good deals, saving money on gas and not having to leave the house?  Good times! I do a lot of shopping at because the prices are so great sometimes.  I totally stock up {Read More}

Save $50 a Year (or more): Start a Garden Exchange

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With Spring upon us today’s frugal tip is start a garden exchange in your neighborhood or with your friends. Do you have tons of zucchinis, squash and tomatoes and are getting a little tired of them?  Maybe your friend has an overload of lemons or herbs they don’t need- trade them!!  This way you both are getting a bunch of organic (or at least not mass produced) produce for your dinner table. Trade your favorite recipes while you are at {Read More}

Save $54.79 Every Two Months Just by Conserving Water

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Conserving Water

Did you know you could save up to $354 a year just by conserving water?  Follow these simple steps to keep your money from going down the drain: Turn off the water when brushing your teeth- this saves  $11 a year and 240 gallons a month Only run the washing machine when it’s full- saves $8 a year and  2130 gallons a year Install a low-flow showerhead- saves 50 gallons per shower and $271 a year (wow!!).  Note- looks like {Read More}

Today’s Frugal Tip: Start a Garden

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I know some of you out there have green thumbs.. not sure if I have one, but that said.. I have a garden anyway.  We just picked out first (of many, I am sure) of zucchinis.  I will be cooking it up tonight like spiced apples (cored, peeled and sliced zucchini with lemon, cinnamon, and sugar- saute until soft). The kids love them! Having a garden is a great way to get some organic produce on your table and some {Read More}

Today’s Frugal Tip: Shop at Your Local Farm Stands

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I love finding organic and local produce for a steal.  I have recently discovered that the local high school’s FFA program sells fruits and veggies every week.  FOR CHEAP.  We are able to get the same heirloom tomatoes there that are selling for many dollars a pound for $.25 each (and they are big). You may not be so lucky as I am but I’ll bet if you stop at some local farm stand you might pick up some bargains.  {Read More}

Today’s Frugal Tip: Consider the Store Brand

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Today ‘s frugal tip is to start considering the store brand- especially if the name brand is not on sale or you don’t have a coupon.  Why? Well, it could be cheaper and you may find you like it just as well or better. Make sure you don’t assume that simply because it is a store brand that it is lower quality. Remember- you don’t eat the label!! If you have a frugal tip email it to FFD. We would {Read More}