How to Make Your House Feel Clean Even When You Don’t Have Much Time

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As any Lazy Girl knows, housework is the pits. Now, I know there are those of you out there that LOVE to clean. But I am a Lazy Girl.. so that is not me. Yet even Lazy Girls can’t have a gross home If I was not a Frugal Girl, too, I would have a housecleaner.  I had a house cleaner come out one time because I got a Groupon.  It was AMAZING.  Here is the thing, though.. she was {Read More}

Save $54.79 (or more) Per Year: Get Your Hair Cut Less Often

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Today’s frugal tip is to consider cutting your hair less often. I have always trimmed my own bangs, so I don’t need to worry about that.  But I did use to get it cut about every 6 I try to go 8.  By doing this I “cut out” (lame pun) almost 2 haircuts a year. The place I go is $40 by the time the tip is in there, so this saves close to $80 a year. Have you {Read More}

Traveling ? Find Out How to Get the Best Price

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With the girls we don’t often travel for the holidays, or that much at all.  It’s simply too hard on them.  But I know a lot of you do. It is daunting to book everything, know the best time to go, ect. I came across this aticle the givees a bunch of Travel Tips and Holiday Travel Deals that I knew you would want to check out. Where are you going to be this holiday season?  Home or traveling? This {Read More}

Today’s Frugal Tip: Freeze Candles to Make Them Last Longer

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So this frugal tip probably is not going to save you a lot (that is, unless your family shuns electricity.. and you probably would not be reading my blog.. or you are REAL romantic and use a a lot of candles), but it is a fun tip. Did you know that frozen candles take longer to burn?  So if you have a long night by candlelight put your sticks in the freezer first and save some dough This Post Contains {Read More}

Save $54.79 a month: Stop at Garage Sales

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You can get the best deals at garage sales.  I love shopping for clothes for my girls at them.  Seriously, where else can you get a bag stuffed with clothes for $5- not even at thrift stores can I get these prices. I find that looking on for community yard sales gets you the most for you time.  basically you get to drive to one area and you have lots of sales within either walking or short driving distance.  {Read More}

Today’s Frugal Tip: Shop Online More

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I have a confession, over the last few years my enjoyment of shopping has really gone down.  I step into a store these days and I am pretty much ready to leave as soon as I got there. But shopping  online is a different story..  getting good deals, saving money on gas and not having to leave the house?  Good times! I do a lot of shopping at because the prices are so great sometimes.  I totally stock up {Read More}