Make $54.79 (or more) Every 6 Months: Recycle


I am amazed by the amount of people who do not recycle their bottles and cans, many states will pay you for these.. don’t they know that they are just throwing away cash?? Put a box in your garage and start putting them all in there. Make sure you let your friends and family know you are doing this- many of them will save them for you if they just know you are taking them down to you local recycling {Read More}

32 Frugal School Lunch Ideas


School lunch prices are on the rise, and to be honest, the food quality isn’t. I think that, no matter your budget, your child should get to pack his or her lunch if that’s what is best for your family. These frugal lunch ideas are sure to get the ball rolling so you can create your own lunch idea list. Whether there are no dietary restrictions, you’re vegetarians, or you need gluten-free ideas, I’ve compiled a list for everyone! Feel {Read More}

Traveling ? Find Out How to Get the Best Price


With the girls we don’t often travel for the holidays, or that much at all.  It’s simply too hard on them.  But I know a lot of you do. It is daunting to book everything, know the best time to go, ect. I came across this aticle the givees a bunch of Travel Tips and Holiday Travel Deals that I knew you would want to check out. Where are you going to be this holiday season?  Home or traveling? This {Read More}

Save $54.79 (or more) every 4 Months: Collect Your Spare Change


So the frugal tip for today is to start collecting your spare change. We have a little jelly jar in our bedroom closet where we put a lot of change and it is funny to me how it adds up to so much. Ever time we cash it in it could be a really nice outing for the family or maybe it buys something we are really needing at that time. It’s a great, really easy way to save- now {Read More}

Easily Find and Map all your Yard Sale Shopping!


Need to find all the good Yard Sales near you? Check out Garage Sales By Map to find all sorts of locations near you and get a map directly to them! I always get lost, without fail, when trying to find garage sales so I love this idea, it’s great to find a few local to you and plan out the best route to hit all of them! This Post Contains Affiliate Links – Disclosure Policy

Reader Tip: Save More Money at the Hairdresser

frugal tips

I recently received a reader tip I would love to share!! “Ask for a “wet” cut.  The stylist leaves your hair to air dry rather than blow drying and styling it.  It saves me about $7. ” Thanks Camille!! If you have a frugal tip email it to FFD. We would love to share it. This Post Contains Affiliate Links – Disclosure Policy