Best Home Improvements to Increase Value for Cheap


Best Home Improvements to Increase Value Trying to combat Fixer Upper syndrome or maybe you are thinking about selling your home.  If you are on a budget (not a tv show sized budget) you probably want to know what ARE the Best Home Improvements to Increase Value? A home is a great investment. Even if you don’t plan on selling it immediately, making your home more marketable allows you to build equity more quickly, sell your house more quickly when {Read More}

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5 Items of Trash You can Repurpose or Reuse


When many of us make the decision to start saving money, we often focus is often on the amount of money we can spend every month. It’s good to remember that you can also save money by Repurposing and Reusing items that you would normally throw away. It’s also good for the environment. If you are trying to both teach your kids to save money and be an environmentalist you could have a fun family activity of coming up with {Read More}

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Create Your Own Valentines Coupon Booklet for FREE!


Valentines Coupon Booklet Here’s a great idea to give a FREE Valentines gift to your spouse or S/O and still have it meaningful… create a personalized Valentines Coupon Booklet! I know some of you may do this and others may think it’s something for a child to do but adults can do it too and from experience, your spouse WILL appreciate it as long as you follow through with the coupons! How it works: Create a booklet with things you’d {Read More}

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Declutter Your Home in 6 Easy Steps


I will be the 1st to tell you.. I am not great at organization.  I do have a few methods that work for me, like a “lid drawer”.. nothing but lids, so I can find them. I recently bought some baskets for in my kitchen cabinets and it’s working pretty well for me. But even with my lack of organization skills I WANT my home to be organized, so learning some tips to Declutter Your Home is good for us {Read More}

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Six Ways to Save on Halloween Costumes


 This great holiday post is thanks to a reader (but those are my cuties in the photo)! You don’t always have to pay full price for a Halloween costume, in fact growing up my parents never paid full price for a costume for me and I didn’t notice a difference! Here are a few great tips on how to save on Halloween Costumes this year. 1. Make Your Own You don’t have to be an expert on sewing to make {Read More}

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Late Again? How to Pay Your Bills on Time, Everytime


My husband and I have tried a lot of methods to balance our bills since we’ve been married. One of our older methods was to cash our paychecks instead of deposit them. That evening we would set aside what goes to what bill and what remains for groceries, gas, etc etc. Well that method didn’t work too well for us because we can’t keep track of where the cash goes and I don’t like that. We spend cash quicker than {Read More}

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