Homemade Window Cleaner


Ever been out of cleaning supplies just when you need them?  Or maybe you simple want to cut down on chemicals in your home. How about trying out some Homemade Window Cleaner?  I really like my homemade cleaners.. I think they work great.  Try one of these recipes out and then leave a comment. 1. Vinegar Vinegar is germ killer and grease cutter.  But make sure to use white vinegar It’s cheapest, anyway).  With it you can get streak-free windows {Read More}

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How to Fake a Clean House


Uh oh! You just got a phone call that your best friend from high school/fellow PTO member/husband’s coworker is going to be at your house in 20 minutes. Unfortunately, your home looks like a tornado went through it. You may not have time to clean, but you have time to fake-clean! Limit Your Scope Your visitors aren’t going to be everywhere in your house, so pick the rooms you want to focus on. You’ll need the other rooms for emergency {Read More}

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5 Tips to Clean Up the House in a Snap


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Glad for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. Do you ever feel like you spend all of your “free time” cleaning? I feel your pain! It seems that new messes crop up as soon as you take care of old ones. By saving time on common cleaning tasks, you can get through your to-do list a little quicker and maybe sit down long enough to get through a magazine {Read More}

Homemade Cleaners: 10 Homemade Household Cleaner Recipes


Homemade Cleaners Going green has a whole new meaning when you’re cleaning your house with DIY cleaning solutions. You’re going to save lots of green while using Homemade Cleaners without harsh chemicals in them. Try these simply Homemade Cleaners Recipes and toss out the other stuff! Kitchen Counter Scrubber: To get off tough gunk, mix kosher salt and water and scrub with a wet cloth or sponge. Window Cleaner: Combine 1/2 teaspoon mild dish detergent, 3T vinegar, and 2 cups {Read More}

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5 Items of Trash You can Repurpose or Reuse


When many of us make the decision to start saving money, we often focus is often on the amount of money we can spend every month. It’s good to remember that you can also save money by Repurposing and Reusing items that you would normally throw away. It’s also good for the environment. If you are trying to both teach your kids to save money and be an environmentalist you could have a fun family activity of coming up with {Read More}

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How to Get the Kids Pumped for Spring Cleaning


This post is sponsored by Kimberly-Clark and The Motherhood. It’s time for Spring Cleaning! Okay… Okay, some of you might not be that excited. Sometimes big jobs can be overwhelming. But if you have the right help and the right products it might not see like SUCH a big deal. One of the best ways to make spring cleaning go quickly is to work as a team. If you end up working on you own the job will take forever. {Read More}