Buying Your Kids Clothes on Consignment

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Ever thought of buying your little ones clothes from Consignment? Here are a bunch of frugal tips to help you out:

Prepping for your purchases

#1: Make a list
It’s easier to determine what you need if you know what you have. Take inventory of your little ones’ clothes, shoes and toys-determine what they still wear or will grow into. Make your list based on the items they’ve outgrown.

#2: Take a tote
Don’t forget to bring a tote or two. Rolling suitcases, wagons, even laundry baskets will work. Whatever you bring, it will certainly serve its purpose as you quickly collect piles of great finds. Trust us, your arms and back will thank you.

#3: Shoes and seams

Need an easy way to remember the size of your child’s foot or length of his leg? Trace his shoe on a piece of card stock and cut it out. Use a piece of yarn to measure his pants from waist to hem. Cut the string and affix it to the shoe cutout. This craft project will be useful at the sale as you can easily compare shoes against your cutout and be sure the pants you’ve picked are long enough.

#4: Volunteer
Want access to the cream of the consignment crop before anyone else? Become a consignment sale volunteer. Moms who volunteer shop before the public.

Shopping suggestions

#5: Look high, look low
Children’s clothing sizes vary as much as the weather. shoppers recommend looking in the sizes just above and below your child’s actual size. A boutique dress could be tagged a size larger than your daughter typically wears, but may actually fit perfectly in both size and cost.

#6: There’s an app for that
Aren’t sure about a brand? Is it priced correctly? There’s an app for that. Look up questionable items via the Amazon or Ebay apps on your smart phone.

#7: Stockpile then filter
It’s important to grab everything that catches your eye-remember, this isn’t retail, there’s probably only one and you may want it. After you’ve accumulated an assortment of items, find a vacant corner and sort through your collection. Those pants and shirts you found early on may not be as nice as those you later uncovered. Once you’ve filtered your finds, return
the pieces you don’t need and do a quick sweep to see what other moms have discarded.

“Shoppers also should map out a plan of attack to make sure they hit up all of the great consignment sales going on in the area. Many sales take place on the same days”.

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