7 Yummy (and Healthy) Breakfast Recipes

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it often gets overlooked. And even if we don’t over look it are we really eating and feeding our kids the best foods. It’s easy to break out cereal and stuff like toast on white bread (yup.. I am guilty too!) All the of the Healthy Breakfast Recipes below are pretty easy and you can make them and freeze for later, too!! Baked Oatmeal Cups with Apple and Blueberry Gluten Free {Read More}

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10 Ways to Simplify Your Life and Save Money


Who doesn’t want to simplify these days? And what if simplifying your life could also save you money? It’s a win-win. 1.Stay home more- less shopping, less gas, less stuff (just make sure you don’t get an online shopping habit) 2.Run errands one, maybe two days a week- this doesn’t have to be hard and fast but get organized, make a list on Sunday night of the things you need to do for week and see if it can be {Read More}

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Healthy Chocolate Raspberry Parfaits (Top Secret Ingredient!)


So I gave you sneak peek yesterday of the healthy parfait I made.. and no one guessed what was in it.. but to be honest, I figured no one would.. it really was hard. This recipe is also fabulous for getting your picky kids to eat their veggies. The 1st time I served this the family had no idea what the secret ingredient was! This ingredient: Lowers cholesterol Controls blood pressure Is anti-inflammatory Contains vitamin B6, folic acid, A, B, {Read More}

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6 Tips on How to Save Money on Food

How to save money on food

Sometimes the hardest place to try and save money is the grocery store (but you are going to find out how it just might be the easiest!).  Prices keep going up and as your family grows up, they tend to eat more.  What’s a mom to do?  Here are 6 fantastic ways to save money at the grocery store that don’t require too much effort.  You will get the grocery budget down before you know it! Here are 6 Tips {Read More}

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Grab Your Free Le Tote Trial (Month 2 and 3 Review)


Yay!! I’m back again to talk about LeTote again. I’ve been using the service for 2-3 months now and I still am in love. If you want to learn all about Le Tote basics and check out my month one Le Tote review, click here. (You can also get a free box of clothing rentals to try.) So after my free trial I signed up for the service and I have not regretted it all. It is a great splurge {Read More}

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Breakfast Macaroni and Cheese


As much as I like to eat healthily, I LOVE Macaroni and Cheese. The problem is that our family is gluten free and also avoids most dairy. Sad, huh, sometimes? Luckily I am tenacious and I WILL find a way to eat some of the food I like to treat myself too and still stick with our food limitations. So I am pretty excited for this Breakfast Macaroni and Cheese recipe, for a lot reasons. 1. You can make it {Read More}

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Save Money (and Your Waistline) on Groceries Simply by Eating Less


I recently decided I wanted to lose about 5 pounds because some weight snuck back up on me.  So I visited a free site I love called Daily Burn.  It tracks a variety of ways to lose weight and get into shape like diet, exercise, etc.  My favorite is the food journal.  It lets you track everything you eat and it has all the nutrition of the food you enter.  I like that I can see I can eat foods {Read More}

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Easy BBQ Chicken Pizza

pizza screen

I needed a quick dinner the other night.. and this is what happen.. BBQ Chicken Pizza. For me this was mostly about leftovers, but it could just as easily been from fresh ingredients. They ended up being really good and can just as easily be gluten free as not. I hope you enjoy to recipe.. it was so quick, just throw them on my pizza screen and kind of felt gourmet! As a note.. the gluten free flour tortillas I {Read More}

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Making Your “At Home” Coffee and Tea Taste Better


So it is not a far reach to say most of us know that making coffee and tea at home vs a daily Starbucks run is going to save you money. But here is the problem… it never tastes as good to me.  Do you feel this way?  I needed a “how to” on how to make good coffee. I found a way to improve it, though, and get it a step closer to that yummy coffee shop flavor.. use {Read More}

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3 Simple Tips to Saving Money on Groceries


If you are like our family, you are considering lots of ways to “tighten your belt” and save wherever you can. Some things seem might like too much of a sacrifice and other suggestions seem impractical for your lifestyle and your busy schedule. It might sound a bit silly but we have found that the environmentalist slogan “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” can be a helpful tool in saving money on the grocery bill as well. REDUCE – Take a minute to {Read More}

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