Be Prepared: 7 Things Insurance Doesn’t Cover that Might Surprise You

7-ThingsHave Home Insurance and think you are covered?

You might want to read those policies. There are several things that could damage your home or cost you money that are probably not in your policy. Sometimes you can add in extra insurance for an added fee, others are never covered.

So it’s always a good idea to have backup savings.

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  1. Mold- Mold is gross and can make you sick, but it doesn’t mean that your homeowner’s insurance covers it if you get it. Check to see if your policy limits or excludes mold damage. The best advice? Make sure to have leaks fixed right away.
  2. Dog bites- If your pup bites someone it mike be unlikely that this injury will be covered, especially with particular breeds. Check your policy to see if you fur-baby is covered and if not you might want to add him on.
  3. A Back up in the Sewer- This is mostly a problem in older homes and standard policies do not cover its damage. If you have an older home, especially one over 100 years, you may consider adding coverage to your policy.
  4. Earthquake damage and Sinkholes- If you have damage from one of these natural disasters, it’s mostly like not to be covered under your policy. Florida, Texas, Alabama, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee and Pennsylvania are the most likely states in the US to suffer from sinkhole damage and in some of them; you can add coverage to your insurance to protect from it. You can also add earthquake protection.
  5. Termites- These little bugs are NEVER covered in Homeowners Insurance. So if you have a high incidence of termites in your area (like I do), these are one of those things that you may have to put your own savings away if there is a problem
  6. All Flood and Water Damage- Make sure to read up on your policy’s terms on flood and water damage, because it may not cover as much as you think. There can be exclusions you want to be aware of.

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Have you ever had to make a claim on your homeowner’s insurance? Was it easy or did you have problems?

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  1. Barb says

    I also heard that by calling your insurance company with a question that you can find the answer to in your policy you may be harming yourself… all those conversations are recorded in one way or other (not necessarily “taped”) and if you asked about perhaps your kitchen floor being replaced because of water damage from the dishwasher, and it hasn’t actually happened already, you may (they can say) have planned that to get a new floor by calling about it six months earlier. Well, that’s what I heard. So look at your policy before making calls to the insurance company!

    • barbara says

      yes, i heard that too… don’t call on a ” toll free number” ( 800, 888, etc) or from your phone if it is in their system so they can id you..)…at the same time, if there is a disaster and your area is considered an official disaster area, they CANNOT count it against you in terms of # of claims. After the fires in 2007 I was afraid to call right away as i was afraid it would count against us. When we had water damage some years before, they interrogated us and tape recorded it, and balked at covering..then they did not renew out policy. We had a faulty new frig/icemaker install and had a leak…. we did have mold coverage.. ( this was before they did away with it) but by the way they acted you would think we set fire to our own home! That company pulled out of Calif all together.

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