Top Secrets for Living on One Income


You’re ready to make the jump to being a stay-at-home parent, but you’re not quite sure how you’ll make it on one income. Staying at home with your children can require some financial sacrifice, but the emotional rewards are well worth it. Use these tips in your preparation to become a stay-at-home parent! Get Rid of the Credit Cards If you’re carrying multiple credit cards, you’re spending money on interest that you should be putting in savings. Transfer to a {Read More}

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10 Ways to Save At Least 50% Each Grocery Shopping Trip


Want to save at least 50% on your grocery bill?  Follow these tips: 1. Prepare!! Know what’s on sale AND know what ingredients you will need for your meal preparation that week. Hopefully there will be a lot of overlap between those two categories. 2. Make a list. Tedious, yes, but you won’t remember everything you need, and then you won’t have what you need for your meal prep, and you’ll end up at the local takeout! Grab our Smart {Read More}

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How to Start a Retirement Savings At Any Age


Few financial decisions are as important as retirement. If you want to live comfortably in the golden years of your life, you have to begin planning for them early. There are many ways to save for retirement, and you may want to use a variety of methods to save as much as possible. 1. Get a savings accounts No matter what age you’re starting to save at, a savings account is a relatively safe option for new savers. You can {Read More}

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3 Easy Ways to Get Your Budget Back on Track


We’ve all been there—a big holiday or birthday sneaks up on us, we spend a little more than we should, and suddenly our budget is off track. Oops! Instead of throwing in the towel and giving up on your carefully constructed budget, reroute and get your budget back on track right away. Re-Do Your Budget Temporarily Don’t throw out your budget. You’ll be able to follow it as soon as you get caught up on your bills and other expenses! {Read More}

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How To Build a Well Stock Pantry


When some people think of a stockpile they tend to think a basement full of shelves and products that grossly resembles a super market or they think of products shoved under children’s bed, in the master closet, etc etc. Those are not normal stockpiles for most size families…. Let’s face it, your child doesn’t want a bunch of toilet paper and 2 Liter drinks stuck under their bed and your spouse doesn’t want boxes and boxes of products shoved in {Read More}

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Perfect 6 Minute Buttercream


Don’t you love homemade butter cream frosting? It’s just so yummy. I could sit and eat a bowl (if I would not get sick, lol). If you a stuck in the rut of just using canned frosting you are really missing out. Sure, it’s easy to use, but it’s no where near as good. And to be honest Buttercream is easy to make and only takes about 6 minutes. With homemade frosting, no one will be the wiser that the {Read More}

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