Are Freebies Worth the Frustration?

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Do you ever find getting freebies and deals to be frustrating?  How many of you have clicked over to a deal and spend 30 minutes trying to get a freebie only to find out that they are all out now?  Or have you gotten up at 4 am to get an in store sale and they have 1 in stock (and you are second in line).

I will be the first to admit that these things are all frustrating.  I will hold my hand up to say I have spend way too much time to get things like free boxes of hair color (not even for me, for my mom) and the site is simply not working because all of us freebie hunters have crashed the site… Here’s my take, always keep in mind that these are just freebies and deals, not the all the end all.  And they are very nice, and I for one love them, but they are just freebies.

If freebies or shopping or coupons or whatever are not fun.. don’t do them.  There are so many ways out there to save money just move on to one of those to try out.

When our girls came 3 years ago I was using CVS Extra Bucks to get all sorts of freebies.. and I loved it.  But with the girls it was way too stressful.  I remember one night, just a few days after they arrived, and I realized that my CVS Bucks were expiring that day.  It was around 7 PM and I panicked.  I just got up from the dinner table and said,”I have to go spend these” !!!  And I did, and I was in a panic the whole time I was at CVS. Seriously that is no way to live!!

So I stopped and it was fine, I just found other ways to cut back to fill in what I was saving at CVS, no big deal.

I recently started doing the rewards program at Rite Aid, so I am back in the freebies, and I am loving it, again- it is so fun!!  But 2 years ago it was a drag, and not worth it for me.

So keep it fun, and if it’s not just drop it.. it’s ok :)

Do you ever find freebies or deal shopping frustrating? I would love to hear your stories.

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy


  1. says

    Yes, it can be frustrating, but ifyou didn’t see it in the first place, you still wouldn’t have it. So, take what you can; and I agree, make it fun. It is so exciting to get “free” stuff in the mail, and then show them off like treasures! I thank the ladies who put together these great websites notifying us of all the great deals out there, otherwise, I would have not been able to get so many photo albums, photos, hot mitts, trials, etc. THANKS LADIES!!

  2. Meghan says

    I couldn’t agree with this post more! Our first baby is due today (although he probably won’t be making an appearance until next week), but I finally decided to give up CVS and Rite Aid for a while. I realized how much time and effort I was putting into finding every single last deal at both stores each week and I realized there was no way I was going to be able to do that weekly with a newborn (not to mention our overflowing stock shelf of tooth paste and cough meds :)). I still get antsy every weekend with wanting so bad to go do all the great deals, but I just think for now it’s time to take a break. I am really looking forward to getting back into it again someday though! I also love how the person before me wrote, “I would not have been able to get so many hot mitts.” hahahah I LOVE freebies! :)

  3. fred says

    I really enjoy the challenge of finding the best freebies and coupons. It’s like a game to me and I like to win. If the freebie hunters are crashing a site, I move on and check back later. Not the end of the world if I don’t get the free color, though my grey hair may disagree. I totally agree. Keep it FUN!!! Happy hunting

  4. collette taylor says

    Thank you for all your hard work. I do the deals I can or have time for. If the deal takes too much effort or I don’t have time, I let it go, especially with two walking/running boys under the age of 3. I do, however, get excited when I earn a freebie and always silently thank those who put together these wonderful websites for us ladies. I decided in January to use all my freebie toothpaste I had acquired, my husband and I lived three months on all our freebies, and it was fun to find we did like certain toothpaste brands over others. I have also had the joy of donating extra freebies (like deodorant) to my school’s homeless program.

  5. mjs says

    I get lots of freebies and can spoil people who cannot do it because of severe time constraints and no computer…It helps to clip coupons and save money from rebates, yes I do rebates, after I buy the product I get the upc’s and do the envelope and send it out immediately, if I don’t hear from the rebate place, I keep the address and usually a copy of the rebate form, I contact via e-mail the company..I have gotten all the rebates I sent in for this year, I save the checks and put them in a savings account I never use only put money into it..It is a resource in case of a big emergency..I love your blog, it helps me to sort out a lot of deals..Congrats upon your girls, if more people could think that to adopt children would literally save human beings what a wonderful world we would have, really! God’s Blessings to you and your doesn’t matter how you become a parent it does matter if you just do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!X()


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