What to do With Too Many Apples

What-to-do-With-too-many-applesLast weekend, I was a local flea market, where I scored a HUGE box of cooking apples for only $4! When I got home, I went wild, putting up apples in as many ways as I could. Here’s a breakdown of what I did, and the recipes that go along with it:

DRIED APPLES- this, by far, was the best thing I could have done with these apples. They were super sweet cooking apples, so when they dehydrated, it concentrated the sweetness by like 10 times! They are so good, I am almost out of them already! You simply peel, core, and thinly slice your apples, soak for about 2 minutes in lemon water (about 2 T. to a quart of water), then drain and dry according to your dehydrator’s instructions.

APPLE PIE FILLING- Pretty much the same as the applesauce, just not cooked near as long (20 minutes, tops), and the chunks are bigger. I also add a tad more sweetener for pie filling (this is also to taste). You can either can this or freeze it. Try our Apple Pie Baked in the Apple

APPLESAUCE- This is pretty self explanatory, but you just fill a large kettle with apple chunks and a little water. Cook until completely softened, and then add sweetener of your choosing, cinnamon, nutmeg, and a little maple flavoring to taste. I froze this in cup measurements, for Luke to eat.

POTPOURRI- This is where your peelings come in (so you truly waste almost nothing of the apple!) Take and peel your apples thinly, not worrying if you break the peel or not. Dry the peels in your dehydrator, until crispy and completely dried out. Put peelings in a plastic bag along with about 5 or 6 cinnamon sticks, and a few drops cinnamon and clove essential oils. Let rest for at least 2 weeks to completely soak in the scent, then add to your regular potpourri, or make your own of pine cones, apples peels, and pieces of cedar….Smells sooo good!

You can also make APPLE BUTTER, or JAMS and JELLIES from the apples..

I had a ball putting up all my apple treats, and look forward to later on in the fall when I can make even more stuff with the later season apples. If you come across as great a deal as I did, jump on it and make some or all of the things I mentioned….Come January, you will be glad you did!

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