Albertsons Stock Up Sale and Staying Organized When You Shop #ad #StockUpSale

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albertsons2Albertsons is nearing the end of their Stock Up Sale.  But you still have time (through 10/15/13) to snag some great deals!  You can see my post for this weeks sales right here and here.

Do you have trouble staying organized when you shop for groceries?  I know I do.  Kids are distracting, cookies lure you away from the produce, you forget why you were there.

I have a couple of tips to keep you on track, not spending to much and getting done in record time.

1. If you can, leave the kids at home.  I find it almost impossible to shop with my girls.  If it is a quick trip I can probably swing it but it’s a no go for full grocery shopping excursions.  So, plan you trips around times the kids are in school, dad can watch them or grandma will take them.  Not only does it almost feel like a luxury experience to get out on your own, but you might just save enough time to grab a coffee on the way home.

2. Grab the ad before you head to the store. I always take a couple of minutes to look through the store ad at home.  I circle the good deals and check for any coupons.  You can either transfer these bargains to a grocery list or just take the ad with you so you don’t miss any sales.

3. Make a Grocery List.  Making a list keeps you on track.  This way you come home with everything you need and didn’t spend more that you wanted to.

4. Organize your Coupons.  Nothing is worse than trying to find coupons in your purse.  Make sure you have a large or small accordion organizer or a binder for coupons.  This will better ensure you don’t lose coupons along the way or forget to use them.  Here is a great resource for making a coupon binder.

5.  Go at “off peak times”.  Generally you may find that you store’s off peak hours are in the late evening.  That said, I think there are sweet spots during the day, too.  To find these times, ask at the store.  Ask them, in general, which days are the slowest/busiest and which times of day is there a lull.

Happy grocery shopping!

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