Alarm Clocks are Not “The Best Part of Waking Up”!!

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OK, I am going to start off letting you know up front that I am not a morning person. I have never been.

I think it a stems back to my childhood and having an alarm clock that pretty much scared me awake every morning. I still have a bad reaction every time I hear a loud beeping alarm clock on TV. It makes me cringe!!

As a high school and college student I had myself trained to wake up at even just the click of my radio alarm (by that time I actually had a radio alarm- thank goodness). I could never understand my roommate in college who had to put her (horrible) beeping alarm across the room and still could not wake up from it. It was no life- and although she was very nice it was one of the reasons I had to get a new roommate!! Who wants to be scared awake every morning? That has to take years off your life!!

As I have gotten older, although I still don’t love mornings, my “best part of waking up” is that alarm clocks are all but gone from my life. I get to wake up more naturally now.. by the sound of my girls eat breakfast (the hubby gets up first and feeds them), my husband taking a shower, and even my bodies’ natural rhythm.. My life is way better now. And to tell you the truth I think it may have added a year or two back on my life- lol.

So are you a morning person? What is the “Best Part of Waking Up” for you, whether you are a morning person or not?

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This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy