8 Things We Love to Buy at the Dollar Store

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We-LOVE-to-buyYour local Dollar General, Dollar Tree, or other dollar store can be a great source of inexpensive goods that can save you tons of money. Some items are a better deal than others, though, so it’s good to go in with a plan. Next time you hit up the dollar store, keep an eye out for these items!

Certain toiletries and personal items

While some generic toiletries are best avoided at the dollar store, there are quite a few that can save you big bucks. Q-tips and cotton balls are pretty much the same wherever you get them, but they cost much less at the dollar store. Reading glasses, sunglasses, and toothbrushes (especially ones for kids) are a steal. And you can even get Pregnancy tests (they are suppose to be just as accurate).

Pick up some nail polish remover too!  As mentioned below, keep your eye out for name brands and pick up those if you find them.

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Cleaning supplies

Whether you’re cleaning the couch, your bathroom, or clothes, you can find just about any cleaning supply you need at the dollar store. This is a great way to try out a new cleaner that you’re not sure about.

Baking supplies

If it’s time to bake cookies or bars, stop at the dollar store first. You can get aluminum foil, parchment paper, and wax paper. Disposable aluminum baking trays can also be picked up in packs here.

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Food storage

As long as you can find BPA-free food storage, get all you need at the dollar store. They often have name brand items, like Betty Crocker. This makes it less of a hassle when you don’t get your food storage back from people.  I also love to snag my food storage and sandwich bags.

Holiday decorations

With switching out holiday decorations every couple months, who can afford to buy full-priced decorations at other stores? You can decorate your entire house for Christmas, Halloween, Easter, or any other holiday for relatively cheap.

Party Supplies

These are so cheap (well, $1) and perfect for kids birthdays and get-togethers.  I have even noticed a lot of character supplies.  Totally worth the $1 you will spend vs several elsewhere.

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Greeting cards

At other stores, greeting cards run $1.99 to over $5.00—yikes! On the other hand, cards at the dollar store are often 2/$1.

Brand Named Stuff

My local $.99 Cent Only often has brand named items like toothpastes, foods and even some toiletries and medications. Just make sure to look carefully at the sell by date.  I have have found that the brand name items are often overbuys on products that are coming up soon.  So make sure you can use it or freeze it (if it’s food) by the sell by date.

One other tip: If you come across something interesting at the dollar store but you have never heard of it before then do a search on Google with your smart phone for the item and add the term “reviews”.  A few will probably come up and let you know if you want to stock up on this item or just let it be.

Have you ever gotten these items at the dollar store—what do you think? Is there anything you’d add to the list?

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy


    • Kay-Marie says

      Glad you mewntioned it. another wonderful way to use these is to take a few camping. They make not just a quick and E-Z tablecloth, but a great meal or craft saver to throw over in case of a quick downpour. Add ot that dropcloth to keep camp clean for messy jobs & chores such as pancakke making and fish cleaning, that will certainly draw ants if left on the ground near your tent or RV. Quick and sturdier rain cape than those flimsy ines sold in sporting goods department for a couple bucj “In case of emergency: too.

  1. Tina BlaIr says

    I agree with you that the dollar store is a great place to shop, stock up and save tons of money. In our local stores there are often great deals on frozen foods. There are even some that are organic! The meals are ready to grab and go for lunches at work. You cannot beat it for $1. They seem to always have frozen peppers and onions and steamer veggies which are also both time-saving and money savers.
    When shopping for lunch box items also, I love the dollar tree. We take packs of peanuts, pretzels, popcorn and the 100% Juice boxes and fruit roll-ups. The list goes on and on for our family!
    Thank you for you article and keep up the good work!!

  2. Anna Templeton says


    I would like to just offer a word of warning when shopping at the “Dollar Store”. Make sure you check your receipt BEFORE you leave the store, or better yet, before you leave the checkout. I was charged twice for an item and when I went back to get a refund (I know it was just a dollar, but its the principle), the refund was refused. Obviously they did not believe me. Another time, I tried to return a package of cellophane bags and they would not return them because my receipt stated they were a paper product. Needless to say, I don’t endorse the Dollar Store. They need to upgrade their return/exchange policies and train their employees better, especially when it comes to Customer Service!

    • jlpenner says

      You should definitely check your receipt at any store you shop at. So sorry this happened to you, sounds like a problem with management at that particular store.

  3. Virginia says

    I do not shop Dollar General any more because they ask for your phone number which you have to announce out loud. I had a friend who was stalked by a guy customer who was in line behind her, heard her number and began calling her VERY UNSAFE policy!!!!!

  4. Frittzie says

    I think with anything it will always be Buyer Beware.
    There has never been an issue of returns at the 5 Dollar Tree Stores in our city. Their Policy is “EXCHANGE” with receipt. I always mark the item on the receipt as it does have an abbreviated description and they can usually tell what the item I am “exchanging is”. So basically if I’m returning 5 items I can shop for 5 new items and it is considered an EVEN EXCHANGE. I am surprised that this would not be an across the board policy since these stores are typically corporate owned. The Dollar store is a quarterly visit for us so when I am checking out I feel for the customers behind us, it will be a long wait :))

  5. barbara says

    i agree with checking exp dates. I stopped by our local “Grocery Outlet” once and just about everything I picked up was at or beyond exp date.

    • barbara says

      i agree… while a have a friend who LOVES grocery outlet, everything i had any interest in was at or beyond the expiration date. It makes me wonder about frozen things… did they accidentally
      defrost and refreeze?? you never know..

      • jlpenner says

        Barbara- grocery outlet’s are all independently owned so they are all going to be different. But you do have to look for the expiration dates. Personally, and this is just me, I don’t mind freezing or using many foods that are at or near “best use” dates. Sure, not everything is usable but I’m ok with some items.

  6. Karen Schwabenland says

    Socks. The 99Cents Store has great socks. Gloves, hats, and scarves for winter. Umbrellas. Make-up, such has eye shadows, mascara, and eyebrow pencils. Nail polish. Nail clippers and files. Office supplies. School Supplies. Scrapbook supplies.

  7. Bellen says

    I regularly shop my local Dollar Tree store for the following:
    greeting cards @ 2/$1
    tissue paper and gift bags
    foam paint brushes – I toss them after use anyway
    seeds – fewer seeds in package but just what I need
    3-pk of micro popcorn – it’s just enough to quell that craving
    Sudoku puzzle books – I do 2 a day so a book usually lasts 6 weeks
    Plastic lidded containers in shoebox size – clear, stackable and always available
    personal (purse) sized yearly calendar
    solar yard lights – they sell out fast so always ask when a new shipment is due
    Jelly Bean’s flavored lip balms for my grandkids – did it once for birthday, now they expect them for all holidays and they’re in their teens

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