8 Crazy Ways to Use Pickle Juice

8-Crazy-ways-to-use-pickle-juiceOk, OK… not ALL these ways are crazy. But a few are, and the rest are pretty cool ways of using up that pickle juice.

It won’t save you a lot of money, but it’s an easy way to get into the habit of using up everything you buy.

  1. Marinade chicken- Apparently Chik Fil A marinates their chicken in pickle juice. Now I have not confirmed this with them, but that;s the word around town.I’ll bet you could marinate all sort of meats and fish in pickle juice. It’s worth a try!
  2. Make a vinaigrette or creamy dressing- use the pickle juice instead of the plain vinegar. It gives a super yummy “dilly” flavor, and you don’t even need to break out the spices.
  3. Make new “pickles”- Throw some baby carrots, a few slices of cucumber, onions or any other veggie you might like to try.  In a couple of days test your fresh pickles and eat within another day or two.
  4. Add to potatoes salad- add a few tablespoons of pickle juice to your favorite potatoes salad for a zippy flavor.
  5. Stop Hiccups- ok.. so here is one of the weird tips. I have NO idea if this works, but if you can’t get rid of a case of hiccups it might be worth a shot.
  6. Weed killer- Follow the direction at the link to take care of pesky weeds with that leftover juice.
  7. Make Soup-  PICKLE SOUP??? My daughter would LOVE this! The recipe calls for pickles too… but I’d guess you could leave them out for a creamy, tangy soup. 
  8. Add to your favorite egg or tuna salad- Add a teaspoon or two of pickle juice to your egg or tuna salad. This could mix up a boring lunch.

Do you have a genius ways of using pickle juice? Tell us in the comments.

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  1. eleanor daniels says

    I don’t know about sweet pickle juice, but I know dill pickle juice will stop cramps almost immediatley.

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