7 Secrets to Frugal Family Fun

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7-secrets-for-frugal-family-funIt can be expensive to take the family out. I am often amazed how things that I thought would cheap end up costing way more than I anticipate.

I have found that you can keep your costs to a minimum, though, if you are mindful about it. Here are a few tips:

1. Join a community center
Community centers like the YMCA or Kroc Center can offer you great value for your money. At first glance, the monthly fee might seem like a big hit. But if you take your kids swimming, to open gym, or to art class a few times a week, it quickly saves you money.

2. Hit up the library
In most communities, a library card is free. You and your family can explore new hobbies, enjoy family story time, or even take out videos and computer games. We LOVE library night. We go after dinner and then the kids are occupied with their new books until they go to bed. Just make sure to return everything on time—fines can add up fast!

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3. Volunteer
Not only is volunteering a free way to make some family memories, it can help your kids learn the value of what they have. Volunteering can foster a sense of community and show your children the value of giving.

4. Bake
Few activities are more frugal than baking. A huge bag of flour, a bag of sugar, and other basic baking ingredients can take you far! To keep everyone involved, let everyone take turns choosing recipes.

5. Start a collection
Children are known for their love of collecting. Encourage that love—your kids can learn and feel proud of the work they’ve done. Collect free or low-cost items, like shells, leaves, feathers, stamps, or stickers.

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6. Take advantage of free nights
Activities that may usually be out of your price range often have free or reduced-cost nights. Call your local museum, children’s museum, cinema, or community theater to find out what their deals are. Goldstar often has free tickets for local events.  Make sure to sign up so you can get notified about them.

7. Go on a nature hunt
No matter what season it is, you can always go on a nature scavenger hunt (find one on Pinterest). Looking for unique animals, plants, and other items can make a fun game for your family. To give your kids something more to do, bring a disposable camera and let them take pictures!

What are your favorite, low cost family activities?

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy

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