7 Items That You Simply Must Buy Used

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must-buy-used2I know, I know. You have heard it a hundred times already. The best way to save money is to buy used. Shop the thrift stores for a good bargain. Like many shoppers in retail stores, you are leery of making a used purchase. Maybe you like the idea of purchasing something used, but you are not sure where to start. You think about it, but you are afraid of quality equaling price, so you just do not do it.

Today, we are going to break both of those mindsets. We are going to look not just at what you can buy used, but why you want to buy it used instead of new. We are going to look at seven items that you can purchase used. You will get a better deal than you will with a new product and you will enjoy it just as much.

1. Furniture

You can get furniture used. Whether you spot a sofa or chair on the curb waiting to be picked up, go into a thrift store, or answer an ad in the paper, you can get a great deal on used furniture. You can find a style that is probably not in the stores anymore. The furniture will have character that only comes from wear and tear. Most of all, you will save yourself hundreds of dollars.

“But what if it is damaged?” As long as the frame of the furniture is intact, you do not need to worry about a little damage. You can take the afternoon to sand and refinish a wood table. Leather and fabric mend easily. If you have pets, you will not feel as bad about them climbing and scratching on used furniture compared to a new $1,000 sofa set. You will feel the same way when your child spills red Kool-Aid on your used couch for the first time. For sheer bargain and real-life piece of mind, used furniture wins.

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2. Clothes

Clothes are another item that will save you hundreds of dollars a year if you purchase them used. No, you will not be wearing the latest fashion. Unless you are walking a Paris or New York runway, you will not care either. Used clothes quality varies, so you will want to check the basics. The most important thing to check is that the body of the outfit does not have tears and holes and that the threading is not coming loose in the material. Check for stains and discoloration as well. Ideally, you want seams to be intact, but that is less of a concern. Even if you have only minimal sewing skills, those are quick and easy to fix. You can purchase clothes for you, for your kids, and even maternity and baby clothes and save money.

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3. A House

I cannot say this enough. Buy your house used. You will get a better deal than purchasing a brand new property. You will also be moving into an established neighborhood. This means that you can watch the neighborhood for a few days before committing it to look for things like how comfortable children are playing outside, how fast cars drive down the road, and how friendly and neat neighbors are. An older house has already gone through most of its foundation settling and other new-house woes that will cost you a lot of money. Most of all, an older house has character. When you are stripping the walls to paint, you will see the marks on the doorjamb where a previous family marked the growth of a toddler. Your kids may find old toys buried and forgotten in the back yard. You will probably benefit from the landscaping that the previous owners put into the house, inheriting a pleasant flower garden or a nice grove of trees they planted. So much rich history comes with an older house. It is a shame to pass it up.

Tomorrow we will finish this up with the last four items You Simply Must Buy Used

What are the items you think are better to buy used?

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy


  1. Dawn says

    Jewelry is another category in which to buy used. Even if not antique, used jewelry is usually less than brand new, and some has real character. In the US, most gold and silver pieces are hallmarked.

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