7 Items That You Simply Must Buy Used (Part 2)

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buy-usedBuying used can save you a ton of money. Yesterday we discussed 3 of the 7 Items That You Simply Must Buy Used. These included Furniture, Housing and Clothes.

Below are the final four:

4. Video Games
Your kids are clamoring for a video game, and you do not like that $60 price sticker. Give it a few weeks. Depending on the game, used versions wind up on store shelves within weeks of the original purchase. Avid gamers like to buy and trade in games so they can get new ones. You can help your own gamer build the same habit and save yourself a lot of money and frustration. After all, why pay $60 for a game that your son or daughter is only going to play a few times and never touch again. Instead, have him wait for a few weeks – when all the cheats will be up anyway – and buy the game used.

Many game stores have a huge variety of used games and offer trade in programs. He or she can play the game and when finished can take it back and use the credit for something else. Used games typically go for half the price of the new game, or less depending on how long the game has been on the market. You will teach your child to be frugal and patient while saving yourself money.

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5. Your New Phone
While there are many ways you can buy your new phone, the one thing you should never do is pay full price. Two methods work for new phone purchases when your old one simply will not do. First, you can wait for your phone contract to expire and hope that the new phone you want is available free when you renew. Unfortunately, that option is not always available. One of option that is always available, no matter where you are in your contract, is to purchase your phone refurbished.

Refurbished is just a fancy word for “used.” It means that a technician has gone over the phone to fix any problems the unit may have had, and it is now in “like new” condition. Refurbished phones will save you a lot of money. You can purchase current or recent models for a fraction of the price of a brand new phone, sometimes spending less than $40 for a unit. The phone will function just like new and will save you hundreds of dollars.

6. A Car
The value of a new car depreciates significantly after your purchase it. This is a simple fact of car buying. If you purchase a used car, you will save yourself thousands of dollars and will not be worried about trade in value later. Whether purchasing from a dealer or privately you can check accident and maintenance reports, so that you can be confident your used car will run well. If you have the money or time to fix up an older vehicle, then you will save yourself money and drive something with a sense of personal pride.

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7. Books
Buy used books. First, you are supporting small businesses when you buy books used, as almost every used bookstore in every city and town is privately owned. Secondly, you are saving yourself a lot of money. Used books sell for a fraction of the cost of a new book. You can catch up on a whole book series for less than it costs to buy clothes (new anyway). Used books also have a rich smell as you open the pages. The yellowing that occurs to paperbacks in enchanting and you will feel like you are holding a piece of history.

You may also see amusing margin notes from previous readers. If you have children with reading assignments, buying used will save you money there as well. Your child is probably not going to like the book he or she has to read, so why spend a fortune on it. Save money and support small business. Used books are a win-win. (tip: to save more: make a weekly library trip with your family)

Do you agree with these 7 Items That You Simply Must Buy Used?

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy


  1. Laurel says

    We haven’t EVER bought a brand new car!!!
    I happen to prefer used books.
    I only use “refurbished” phones anyway. I haven’t ever had a BRAND NEW one EVER!!!
    And I already knew about buying video games used. They are cheaper and can be swapped for newer ones sometimes depending upon where you go for the games!

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