6 Year Old Extreme Couponer.. News at 9.. :)

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So I think my youngest, who is 6, is going to be my “deal buddy”.

She cracks me up.  If the mail comes and it is one of the days that grocery ads are included she will grab them and get two markers, one for me and one for her.

We sit down and bond over deal hunting. I am not so sure she quite gets it yet and is much more interested in circling her favorite foods and crossing out the “unfavorable” ones than really finding the best deal.  But it is still really cute.

Yesterday, she grabbed a paper out of the printer with coupons on them and asked if she could cut them out.  She was so careful to be neat.

So, she is not an “extreme couponer” yet.. but who knows, give her a year or two.. she’s only 6.

It’s funny to me how you “train” you children without even meaning to.. it just happens, for good or bad..

What things have you inadvertently or inadvertently trained your kids to do?

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy


  1. says

    She is absolutely adorable! It’s good to teach them to be savvy shoppers and also to live within their means so they don’t over spend and budget so they always have enough play money to actually ‘play’ (vacations, shopping, etc.) She’ll grow up seeing that she CAN buy whatever she wants and not pay full price.. Good Deal! Mommy Bonding is AWESOME!! Truly enjoy this because they do grow up fast ;)

  2. says

    That’s so cute!

    He doesn’t really care too much anymore, but when my oldest was 5 or 6, as soon as we left the checkout line he’d ask two questions: “How much did we spend?” and “How much did we save?” He got so used to the amount saved being more than the amount spent, he’d get bummed if we spent even just a little more than we saved! LOL

  3. Kathy Rambousek says

    When my boys would shop with me, they would often “beg” for their favorite cereal. I told them that I wouldn’t pay over $2 for specific box and if they could get it under that price, I’d buy it. They then would check my coupons against sale prices, and secure a doubler. I love how they had to do the work; they were often rewarded by getting it down to under $2. :)

  4. Thuy Vu says

    OMG she is precious. I just read my email and had to stop by just to read your post. I wish my kids were that enthusiastic about saving money.

  5. Deb Davis says

    First of all, she is adorable! Our kids, daughter-23 and son-25 both are very thankful for their couponing and rebate childhood training. They not only have fond memories of the Walmart Moonlight Madness Nights where there was several doorbusting sales all evening. Our son often recalls being put into a bin full of backpacks because the adults couldn’t reach the favorite character for their child. lol (He said the excitement that each person had was catching.) They learned how to save their paper route money until the item they “couldn’t live without” went on sale. Even to this day we will get a text detailing the before coupon and after coupon dollar amounts. They know what a savings high is and have made their dollar stretch further then many other kids at their ages. When their student loans are paid off with dollars they have saved using coupons, rebates and sales, their past classmates will still be in debt! That makes mama proud! Daddy, too. :)

  6. beth says

    Cute as a button and savvy too!! What more could you ask for?!! When they were teens I would give them $50 to go clothes shopping. My daughter would hit the trift shops and $10 stores and come back with 4 outfits. In her own words “I can make anything look good”! My son would say” ok this pay for one leg no how bout the other?” To this day its all name brands for him and My daughter always has money in her pocket !!

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