6 Ways to Show Dad You Love Him (Without Breaking the Bank)

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6-Ways-to-ShowFather’s Day is around the corner. While we typically spend less on this holiday than most, it can still add up, especially if you are on a budget. Here are some ideas that can help you save for Father’s Day while still showing your dad (or your husband) how important he is. Some of these will even be reminders for years to come.

1. Does Dad have a favorite hobby? Spend the day with him doing the hobby. Sometimes hobby gifts are less expensive than colognes and other traditional dad-day gifts. They will also be more meaningful when you do them together.

2. Chores. Mom is not the only one who has them. What chores does dad do? Take them over for the day. If he has been working on a major project, help him finish it.

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3. Does dad like to grill? You could spend hundreds or more on an expensive outdoor grill. Or you can download the instructions to build an old fashioned barbecue instead. Combine that with a trip to the store for his favorite grill items (beer too if he enjoys it) and you have a memorable Father’s Day.

4. It’s in the details. Price detail work for your dad’s car or truck. Usually the cost is lower than the average gift. You can also buy the supplies to do the detail work yourself.

5. Give him a man-movie night. His movies, his favorite snack, and no complaints all at home without the stress of the movie theater and overpriced popcorn. What would be better?

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6. Do you have an extra room that has opened up in the house? It could be the nursery that is no longer needed because the baby is older and sleeping in a bedroom. Perhaps your kids have moved out of the house, but you still have their rooms set up. Maybe you have just finished the basement and have more than enough room for what you intended the basement for. Maybe you’ve discovered that you’re not using the extra room that was set aside for family projects. Plan out the perfect man-cave based around his interests and present him the plans as a gift. You can even buy one or two inexpensive items or a hobby kit to present as first items for the room. Clear out the room ahead of time and make Father’s Day the first step in his new project (which you will be helping him with through the year): making his own man cave at last.

What are your favorite ways to show dad you love him? For Father’s Day or all year round?

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy


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