6 Tips to Help You Stop Spending Too Much at Target

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Spending too muchYeah… I know you. Heading to Target by yourself is almost as good as a mini vacation. Problem is that it can cost you about the same thing if you are not careful!

Target has that cute dollar spot and then don’t even talk of the home décor section calling you to do a seasonal remake of your living room! By the time you spend an hour there you can come out $100s of dollars poorer, all on items you didn’t really need.

Today I am going to share a few tips on stopping yourself from overspending at Target, or wherever you go!

  1. Keep a “Fun Shopping” Budget- Every month put aside a reasonable amount of money for “Fun Shopping.” The amount you have to spend is going to be up to you, but in order for it to work you need to keep within your budget. Tip: Buy Discount Target gift cards from Cardpool (4% off). You can buy one a month and when it’s gone, it’s gone!
  2. Come Back for It- Take a photo of the fabulous item (with the price tag), but leave it on the shelf. Now wait a couple of days to decide it’s something you really want and can afford. This will cut down on impulse buys.
  3. Limit Your Shopping Trips- If you are going to Target 2 times a week, reduce it to one time weekly or even only 2 times a month. The less you go there, the less often you will be tempted.
  4. Give Yourself a Time Limit- If you go in for toothpaste, set your timer on your iPhone for 10 minutes. Head straight to the toiletries, get what you need and get out!
  5. Reward Yourself- If you make it out of Target spending $50 less than you normally would.  Reward yourself with something inexpensive, like a hot tea or brewed coffee from Starbucks.
  6. Do Something Else- If you need time to get away, then take the dog for a walk, meet a girlfriend for coffee, or take a hot bath. These are all cheap “mini vacations” that can cost a lot less than a trip to Target.


Are you an “over spender,” how to you keep your budget in check when heading out to Target (or other stores)?

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy


  1. Jen says

    Makeup is my downfall, especially at Target, and especially in the clearance section. If I don’t have money in the budget to spend on fun stuff, I either avoid the makeup section, or avoid Target entirely and go to Safeway. (Their cosmetics section sucks!) If I do have money to spend on fun stuff, I write exactly what makeup to buy on my list: sparkly nail polish less than $5, new eye palette with light pink less than $15, check clearance rack and spend less than $5, etc. If I can’t find what I want in my pre-set price range, I don’t buy any makeup.

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