5 Unique and Frugal Date Night Ideas

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5-unique-and-frugal-date-night-ideasFinally! Your mom, a friend, or a trusted babysitter has offered to take the kids for a night while you and your hubby hit the town for a night out. But, since you can’t find anything in your budget, you end up staying in or doing something neither of you really cares for. Don’t let this be you!

Use these 5 fun date night ideas to make your next date one to remember.

Have an adventure…or at least pretend to
Pictures can be deceiving, and you can have a lot of fun with that idea! Grab your camera or a disposable camera and set out to make some memories. Whether you go through a spooky old house and Photoshop in a ghost or two later, set pictures of you two against exotic backdrops, or stage photos at the zoo (if you have passes), you can edit your photos later to make them look like you went on a crazy adventure. They’ll make you laugh every time you look back!

Grab a blanket and lay under the stars
When you first started dating, you probably spent tons of time on romantic activities. But time can take its toll on romance. If the weather’s nice enough (or even if it’s not—that’s why you have coats!) lay a blanket out and look at the stars. Just being together and holding hands can foster that sense of connection.

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Sweat it out at an exercise class
Gyms and fitness studios often let you take your first fitness class free, and nothing promotes bonding like trying to master Zumba moves or yoga poses. Throw on your exercise clothes and try a new gym together.

Get dessert at a fancy restaurant
The hot new restaurant in town might be a tiny bit out of your budget, but that’s no problem. Have dinner at a more budget-friendly restaurant or even at home, then head out to the hot spot in town for dessert. You’ll spend a fraction of the money but still get the ambiance.

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Plan a vacation
It’s fun to plan for the future and can help you and your husband feel like you’re working together towards a common goal. Go to the library or bookstore, grab some travel books, and plan out your ideal vacation, whether it’s a romantic getaway or family trip.

What’s your favorite date you’ve ever had with your husband? We’d love to hear about it, just comment below!

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy

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