5 Tips to Tame Your Holiday Stress

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Holiday stress can be a bear.  And really I think we do a lot of it ourselves with self imposed “have tos”.

Why do we do that?  As I have gotten older and become more of a realist I have really cut back on all those “have tos”.  The Holidays, grabbing Last Minute Christmas Gifts and traditions are fun, but not at the expense of your sanity!

There are a few things you can do to tame the Holiday Stress beast and enjoy your friends, family and even a little time to yourself!

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Breathe- Simply sitting down in a quite place and breathing mindfully and slowly is great for your stress.  When you have the ability to slip off try taking 10 slow deep breaths.  Mindful breathing can lower your blood pressure and give you a feeling of calm and well being.

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Enjoy a  Healthy Treat.  I set up a little bowl of  super yummy deLish Probotic Boost Blend chocolate snack mix in my bathroom.  Not only is this full of dark chocolate, cranberries, espresso beans, raisins and almonds is is also a probiotic blend. Each serving boasts more active cultures than yogurt. Digestive distress is one of the side effect of stress, so doing what you can to help your digestion is a great idea during the holidays!  And if you can do that with chocolate,  all the better!

My girls don’t go in my bathroom normally, so I can basically set up a spa experience in there with the tub, candles and my yummy deLish Probotic Boost Blend chocolate snack mix that I picked up at my local Walgreens. Plus, right now if you buy $10 worth of participating deLish products you will receive 2000 points ($2 in your Walgreens Balance Rewards account).

Prioritize- Make a list with your family of the Holiday traditions and events that you plan to do this season.  You may find a few on the list that are not really that important to you, you simply have done them from year to year.. because you have!  Ditch those and make time for the once you really love and create great memories.  If you still find too many on your list, save a few for next year and rotate from year to year.  My motto is that I would rather have a “small good time” than a “huge stressful time”.

Get Rest- Don’t forget to get rest this season.  If you have a mountain of gifts to wrap, choose gift bags instead and use the time saved for sleeping.  Sleep is SO important.  Remember, it is hard to enjoy yourself when you are over tired.

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Don’t Over think the Gifts. Walgreens has  great Christmas Present Ideas in their Happy and Healthy Holiday Gift Guide.  You can snag their deLish treats at a great price and they are a yummy gift anyone would love!  The deLish line carries nuts, chocolate, candy (even frozen appetizers for any get-togethers you are planning). So with the deLish line you can pair sweet with sweets and salty with salty or a mix of both for GREAT gift!  Walgreens Holiday Guide gives you tons of great gift ideas for anyone on your list, from the dog lover to that picky tween!

Gifts are simply a way to show our love, they don’t need to be expensive to do that, just thoughtful.

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How do you spend your Holiday?  And what tips do you have for taming your Christmas stress?


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