5 Tips to Clean Up the House in a Snap

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Do you ever feel like you spend all of your “free time” cleaning? I feel your pain! It seems that new messes crop up as soon as you take care of old ones. By saving time on common cleaning tasks, you can get through your to-do list a little quicker and maybe sit down long enough to get through a magazine article.

1. Stick to One Room at a Time You’ve been there—you start in the bedroom and find something that belongs in the kitchen. As you put it away, you see a tiny kitchen spill that will only take a few seconds to clean up. Before you know it, you’ve spent three hours cleaning and yet none of the house looks any cleaner. Stick to one room until it is 100% done. If something belongs in another room, put it in a pile and sort the pile once the rest of the room is spotless. Visible progress is the key to efficient cleaning. (lol… the only time I think you should not stick to this rule is if you are trying to get exercise while cleaning. You can get a lot of walking in with all that back and forth!)

2. Clean Toys in the Dishwasher Plastic toys seem to accumulate dirt and assorted sticky stains faster than anything else! Instead of tossing them when they get grimy or wiping them down one by one, fill up an empty dishwasher and run on a wash cycle. Let them air dry instead of drying in the machine to avoid warping.

3. Clean Up as You Go When baking or making dinner clean up as you go. Keep a garbage bowl on hand, so you don’t need to go back and forth to the trash. And if you have downtime (like waiting for water to boil or sauteing veggies) in the cooking process make sure to use that time wisely by cleaning up the mess instead of waiting for the next step idly. I find myself standing there doing nothing more often than I’d like when I could be using that time more wisely. IMG_5296

4. Create a Laundry Assembly Line Laundry is a time-killer in lots of households, leading to clean laundry piled up in laundry baskets and kids getting their clean clothes directly from the basket. Avoid wrinkly clothes and clothes piles with a laundry assembly line. As the wash comes out of the drier, one person sorts it by who it belongs to. The next person puts each person’s laundry into a separate basket. The last people in the line bring baskets to each room and fold any items that need to be folded right away.

5. Make it a family game. If you make cleaning fun and involve everyone, it doesn’t take as long. Give everyone a box or bag and start the timer. The family can work their way through the house picking up thieving that belongs to them. Whoever finishes first gets a prize or better yet, do something fun as a family to reward everyone for their hard work.

Bonus Tip- Use Glad KitchenPro trash bags. These bags are great, large sized bags with the same great protection as a traditional kitchen bags with the capacity and strength of an outdoor black bag. You’ll find there is added leak and double bag protection. And to keep the smell away Glad KitchenPro trash bags have five-day odor control using Febreze odor neutralization. I love this because it means you won’t need to take out the trash as often and that saves time! Make sure to pick a box up the next time you are at Target. Available at Target

Enjoy a clean home in less time with these tips! I’m sure there are SO many more time-saving tips for cleaning. What’s your secret cleaning tip for saving time and money? Tell us in the comments.


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