5 Point Checklist to Rid Your Home of Fleas #petarmorprotects #sponsored

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5 Point Checklist to Rid Your Home of Fleas #petarmorprotects #sponsoredPets are GREAT! Fleas are gross.

I love my pets, Flynn (to the left) and Shadow (my cat), but fleas are a real downside of pet ownership.

It’s not a good feeling to see them jumping in the air, see one crawling on Flynn, or actually find a flea bite on me. Luckily, I am always ready to “hop” into action and get rid of them right away and maybe even avoid them all together. Where you see one flea there are many, many more living in or around your home.

According to PetArmor®:

  • Use a flea and tick protection like PetArmor® on all the dogs and cats in your home. If you pets already have fleas you can expect to see fleas even after a treatment because dying fleas will tend to move only the top of a pets coat.
  • Next, vacuum your entire house, this includes under furniture, on upholstery and along baseboards. Fleas and their eggs live in all these place, so take your time. You will need to empty the vacuum bag or canister into a plastic bag, then seal it and throw the bag away right away.
  • Now, wash your pet’s bedding and anything else that is washable that they hang out with.
  • You will want to treat your yard, because this is probably where the fleas go on your pet. Take the time to cut down tall brush and grasses near your home. This will reduced the amount of places the fleas will hid in your yard
  • Make sure you continue treating your pets monthly, all year long. Pets even need protection in the winter.

PetArmor (2)

When buying your PetArmor® Plus IGR for dogs you need to remember a few things: Buy the right product for your pet’s species (dogs and cats CANNOT have the save product), know their weight and age, if you have more than one dog don’t split the tubes between them.

I found super easy to apply PetArmor® Plus IGR. All I did was remove the tube from the package. Then I held it with the notched end pointing up and away from my face and body. I used scissors to cut off the narrow end at the notches along the line. The I  turned over the tube over Flynn and used open end to part his hair and the liquid came out on to his skin.

When you use it don’t forget to and make sure you mark your calendar so you only treat your dogs every 30 days.

Flynn enjoys being flea free and I enjoy him BEING flea free!

PetArmor® Plus IGR contains fipronil, the No. 1 veterinarian-recommended active ingredient used in FRONTLINE® brand products*. It product also contains Novaluron, which is an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) that kills flea eggs and stops them from re-infesting your home and yard. .

You can buy this product at Walmart and Walmart.com. And don’t forget it kills adult fleas, ticks, flea eggs and chewing lice and costs less money than FRONTLINE® Plus*. And here on Frugal Living Mom we are ALWAYS into saving money!

To learn more, visit www.petarmor.com. Follow PetArmor on Facebook or Twitter.


    • jlpenner says

      you are right.. I have only found one other dog online that looks like him!!

      this one..


      I think Flynn MIGHT be a Poshie- a pom/sheltie mix

  1. Sheri says

    Oh that one is cute too! When we adopted Heidi, they had her as a Keeshond/American Eskimo mix because her brother & sister were big, fluffy and mostly white/gray color with the goggle markings around the eyes. Flynn looks fluffier than Heidi, but she has a lot of fluff on her back legs and very long hair on her tail. It’s neat to see another dog that looks like my girl.

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