5 MORE Ways to Reduce Your Grocery Bill (without coupons)

more-ways-to-save-on-groceriesFriday we talked about reducing your grocery budget without coupons.

Coupons are great but who ALWAYS has the time?  Not me!  So here are 5 more ways to save money:

6. Drink water.
For your health, you should avoid sugary sodas and fruit drinks. Avoiding these will save your grocery bill as well. Instead, invest in either a sink filter or a filtered refrigerator jug. Make water the primary staple drink and save yourself money. Make your non-water drinks healthy necessities like milk. Instead of fruit juices, purchase fresh fruits to serve as a dessert after dinner.

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7. Shop stores by discounts.
Before you go shopping, go online to the websites for grocery stores in your area. Look at their sales and see which one has most of your needs on sale that week. Shopping sales can mean trimming $10 or $20 off your grocery bill each week, easily. If you take advantage of 10 for 10 sales, you can purchase non-perishable items ahead of time and save money over the course of the month. It is perfectly fine to shop different stores for your grocery trip, especially if you are taking advantage of a bargain. Just put ice in a cooler for your cold items and make the store with your frozen list the last store you visit.

8. Use loyalty cards.
Loyalty cards often give you additional discounts in a store, and you should have loyalty cards for every store in your area that offers them. Some provide additional savings in the store in the form of coupons once you reach a certain number of points. Others provide additional ways for your family to save money. Kroger and Winn Dixie both offer excellent fuel savings to their loyalty customers. Between the savings in the store and the savings on your weekly gas purchase, you really help your budget. Combine smart banking with your loyalty cards. Shop banks and credit cards for the best cash-back reward on groceries. If it is a credit card, use it only for groceries and pay it in full every month. On top of your other savings, you will get a little of what you spend back.

9. Buy store brands.
Most store brand items are of equal quality to brand name items, but they can cost anywhere from $0.20 to almost $1.00 less. You will get the same nutrition and enjoyment from the food and pay a lot less at the checkout counter. This is the simplest frugal move you can make. You will also find that stores that show high sales of their store brands often run sales on brand name items that drive those prices below the store brand price. This is the power of you, the consumer, to control prices and get what you want from your store. So purchase the store brands and then take advantage of the brand-name sales when they happen.

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10. Don’t go shopping hungry.
If you have food on your mind when you are shopping, you are more likely to succumb to impulse buying. Eat a full meal before you go shopping so that your mind is not on being hungry. Instead, you will be able to focus on your list and only your list. You will find your shopping trip is faster. You will also get exercise to burn off any excess calories from your meal. Save money and be healthier.

What are your best ways of saving money on your grocery budget without coupons??

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