$40 Cash Back on $100 Purchase Through iMyne #Ad #imynerebate

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This is a sponsored post through Social Swayy and iMyne


The holidays are coming and you are probably going to start to do a lot more online shopping.

It’s the perfect time to sigh up for iMyne! For a limited time, spend $100 or more at RueLaLa, Neiman Marcus, Target, Banana Republic, Priceline, Lane Bryant and Toms and you will get 40% cash back!
You also will earn an additional cash back of up to 6.0% for purchases of more than $100.

How it works.

1. Sign-up for a free iMyne membership and pick your favorite charitable cause
2. Download an iMyne button for your web browser (Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari). You can also do this on your smartphones and tablets

(Please note that no personal information is stored by iMyne beyond the consumer’s basic account information.)

3.Then when you are on sites like Target, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Nike, Staples, The Home Depot, Neiman Marcus and a lot more), a button will pop up alerting the you that you can earn cash back with iMyne

4. Every time you purchase your cash back is placed into your iMyne account and donations are automatically made to your selected charitable organization.

5.  You can also share a special referral link to share with your family and friends creating an online community that maximizes earnings for all the members and their selected charities.

I signed up and it was super easy.  You can see the orange bar at the top that shows how much you will earn if you make a purchase from that retailer.


Use this link to redeem your special, limited time iMyne offer by 10/31/2014!

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