4 Tips to Love Others More Like Your Devoted Dog Loves You #Ad

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Raise your hand if you love your dog.  Don’t you enjoy seeing him when he is happy?  I know I do!

My Flynn is so happy to see me when I get home.  My kids barely notice when I walk in the door and only sometimes will my hubby will say hi.  But not Flynn, he is all over me.

Don’t you wish we could be a bit more like that with our loved ones, sometimes?

According to Flynn, here are a few tips on how you can love your friends and family a little more like a devoted dog:

1.  When you see them, shower them with attention.  Let them know how happy you are to see them.

2. If they are having a bad day, don’t try to fix the problem.  Just be there.

3. If they need help, come right a way and be willing to help if you can.

4. Forgive easily.

I know these tips are not practical all the time.  But to be honest, if we loved unconditionally more like our dogs, the world would be a better place.

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Flynn LOVED his ALPO®- You can see that video here.  I would say when my Flynn gets his dinner is acts a bit like Flint featured in one of the ALPO® videos below, with “the wiggles”.  He is definetly a wiggler.
A healthy dog is a happy dog.

Check out these happy dogs (I think this video is hilarious):

Think that’s funny? See what else our focus group has to say about our favorite blogger dogs

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