$4 Cupcakes Can Be Totally Worth It..

Mmm.. Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cupcakes..

These little babies were AMAZING.. so worth the $4 price tag.

I would go back to that place and spend $4 over and over to have them.

Now I am as frugal as all get out.. but sometimes it is just worth it to have a $4 pleasure.

What is a luxury you are willing to pay for?

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  1. Lesa Durbin says

    Just a suggestion,since you like chocolate peanut butter cupcakes. Try making chocolate fudge brownies and spreading peanut butter on top. Might be cheaper than the $4 cupcakes.

    • frugal jen says

      I’m sure those are good, too.. but these REALLY were worth it.. the peanut butter was actually frosting under that chocolate. It was crazy good.

  2. Barb says

    People often asume that since I coupon. I must get a deal with everything I buy. Since I am alway looking for the best deals. Truth is I coupon to save money for things like peanut butter cupcakes, simple splurges with pennies saved. :)

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