36 boxes of cereal on the wall..

So- I love a bargain, they can really suck me in. The other day I saw that Albertson’s had cereal on sale for 4 for $4- you had to buy 4 in order to get the deal. So I checked my coupon stash and I had some coupons for cereal- the one the was on sale. So I went to get a few boxes, well, at least 4.

OK- I ended up with like 36 boxes- and then about 8 boxes of Granola bars- for no more that $20 (it could be less).
Here’s what happened:
I went in innocently with my coupons to buy 4 maybe 8 boxes. Well, come to find out there are also coupons on the aisle with the cereal boxes, so I end up buying more. Then I check out- well, out of the machine pop more coupons, coupons that will make more boxes of cereal free.
So I get more- but the more I buy the more free ($1 off) and $1.50 off 3 coupons pop out. Then I realize I have more coupons at home for cereal I did not know was on sale- again, free boxes and boxes that will end up being a quarter. I couldn’t stop.
And I am also an enabler, too… because I called my mom and told her to get cereal, too- she ended up with at least 24- and paid around $10.
It was nuts
but I am set in case there is a cereal famine…

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