$300+ Designer Outfit for $23!! Thrift Store Shopping

I had to come to terms with the thrift store recently. See, in my mind there is kind of a pecking order of places to buy items and how much I will pay for them..

1. New- Pay the most for new items, even on sale.
2. Consignment- I expect to pay more on consignment.
3. Thrift Store- Thrift stores should be cheap.. I expect 1/2 days and $1 bags occasionally.
4. Yard Sales.. everything should be $.25.. (I kid.. sort of.. ).

Well, around here thrift stores are kind of expensive, at least for my “pecking order”. Jeans at the thrift stores here are around $6 and shirts are $4.. and there are no 1/2 off days at the best one in town. This made me sad, because I wanted to pay, maybe $3-$4 for jeans (less would be EVEN better) and $1-2 for shirts.

But then I started thinking.. I can get better brand jeans for $6?? Take away the thrift store and if I found jeans for 6 bucks at the mall I would snatch them up in a flash! So I decided to let it go.. much better.

So now I can snag $300+ out fits like this one for $23.. including the boots! (everything but the bracelet).

The jeans are Abercrombie & Fitch, the shirt is T Los Angeles (which I didn’t think a lot of until I got home and found out it is a boutique brand), the boots are Franco Sarto and I don’t know about the scarf.  I had the bracelet, but other than that the whole out fit was only $23.

So, hat do you think? Worth $300? Worth $23?



Here’s the compared products form online, same brands, just slightly different styles!

Franco Sarto Ravel boots normally $129.00

A&F Straight Jeans Normally $78

T Los Angeles Shirt Run $70-$200

Ruched Scarf- $10-20?

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