30 Boredom Busters for Kids

30-bordom-busters-for-kids“Mommmmm! I’m bored!” Out of ideas to keep your kids entertained? Try this list to get them off the couch!

1. Hot out? Go to the mall and do some window shopping.
2. Play Hospital. Let the kids be the doctor and fix you up.
3. Bake something – for your neighbors. Muffins, cookies, and cupcakes, oh my!
4. Visit the library for story time (younger kids) or movie night (older kids).
5. Put on a play or direct a movie. Have the kids write the script and you can video tape them.
6. Play cards – make up your own card game, or play games like Old Maid.
7. Create your own play-doh.
8. Hike trails at a local park.
9. Play dress-up. Yes, you too, Mom!
10. Camp out in the back yard!
11. Cook together – let the kids pick the recipe.
12. “Adopt” a grandparent from a nursing home. Visit them, make them cards, etc.

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13. Wash the car, then have a water fight!
14. Ride bikes.
15. Make holiday and birthday gifts or cards and store them away for that special occasion.
16. Take a bus. In our area, the Metro is only like $3 but because we have a vehicle we’ve never used it. I smell an adventure coming on!
17. Go for a nature walk and collect leaves. Come home and do leaf rubbings.
18. Play restaurant.
19. Make hair accessories.
20. Put on a concert.
21. Set up a lemonade stand.
22. Have a movie night – at home! Hit up the Red Box and get some microwavable popcorn.
23. Near the coast? Head to the beach and build a sand castle together.
24. Look up Urban Legends in your area and visit a ‘haunted’ house.
25. Make tye-dye t-shirts.
26. Raining? Who cares! Get out and splash around.
27. Find a penpal. Swap-bot.com and other similar sites offer this for free.
28. Start a blog.
29. Learn how to say “I love you” in another language.
30. Write a story, but do it together. Have one kid write the first paragraph, then another writes the second, and keep going until you have a real story put together.

What do you do to keep the kids from saying they are bored?

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  1. says

    Cool stuff! We have dance parties using Google chromecast and the Pandora app. Kids love it. They get energy out and have a blast. I also just started a podcast with my 4 year old son the “star” of the show and 2-year-old daughter as our frequent “guest.”

    It was about a $200 setup (although you can do it much cheaper with different microphones and without a mixer, but I was starting one myself anyhow, so I just added a second mic for $50) and we have TONS of fun. My kids LOVE being behind the mic! And the show is doing amazing on iTunes, too. My kids just love seeing all the “gold stars” from the reviews, asking to record more and more “shows.” It’s so cute and definitely a boredom buster.

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