3 1/2 frugal ways to save money at the pump- Part 1

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Photoxpress_52323692Recently, I started a 3 part series on saving money on gas. There are tons of ways out there to save money while driving but I thought that I would focus on a few, more realistic ones.

Slow down Speed Racer! On the freeways where we live, people routinely drive, ehh- hem, let’s just say too fast. From the research I have found, each 10 miles per hour increase in speed represents a 15% reduction in fuel economy. So let’s say you decide to actually drive the speed limit and reduce your speed by 10 mph. At that speed, you won’t have to move to the right lane and be hassled with merging and exiting traffic all the time – you can just travel in the middle lanes and comfortably maintain that speed.
A quick example of savings can be done with a car getting 25 mpg driven 1000 miles. This distance would consume 40 gallons of fuel. With gas pushing $4.50 a gallon, a 15% savings is $27.00. That $27 equals a free fill-up every 2000 miles. And you can save even more if you drop down to 60-65 (over 30% reduction)!
Think about slowing down. You’ll be safer, you’ll save money, and you will always avoid getting speeding tickets. And hey, not getting speed tickets and an increase on your car insurance is always frugal.
Look for part 2 ..

happy saving-


This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy

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