20 Ways to Save $54.79! (Enough to Save $10,000 a Year)

20waysHave you realized yet that if you are to save $54.79 a day you will be saving $20,000 a YEAR! Now that is a lot of dough.. take a look below and find some ways to save that would fit into your lifestyle.. I know you can at least find a few and that will get you on your way to saving up to $20,000 a year! If you were to do everyone of the tips below you would be about 1/2 way to your $20,000 a year goal.. the tips below take care of about 187 days..

  1. Save $54.79 a Month: Master the Art of the Early Bird!
  2. Save $54.79 Every Two Months By Skipping the Dry Cleaners!
  3. Save $54.79 a Month: Drop the Gym and Exercise at Home!
  4. Save $54.79 a Month: DIY Thrifty Spring Yard Maintenance
  5. Save $54.79 a Month: Try Cooking in Bulk and Cook Up Some Savings!
  6. Save $54.79 Every Month By Snipping and Subbing Your Cable Plan!
  7. Save $54.79 Every Two Months: Visit Your Local Library!
  8. Save $54.79 a Month: Skip Two Fancy Coffee Drinks per Week
  9. Save $54.79 Every Two Months Just by Conserving Water
  10. Make $54.79 (or more) Every 6 Months: Recycle
  11. Save $54.79 a Month (or more): Start Shopping at the Thrift Store
  12. Save $54.79 (Or More) a Month: Pack Your Own Lunch
  13. Save $54.79 (or more) every 4 Months: Collect Your Spare Change
  14. Save $54.79 a Year (or more) :Try Using Less Laundry Detergent
  15. Save $54.79 a Month (or More): Check out Freecycle
  16. Save $54.79 (or more) Per Year: Get Your Hair Cut Less Often
  17. Save $54.79 a Month (or More): Trade Off Babysitting with Friends
  18. Save Over $54.79 Every 6 Months by Replacing an Old Washer
  19. Keep Your Old Car and Save Over $54.97 Every Two Weeks
  20. Save $54.79 a month: Cash Only Please

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  1. says

    I’m trying to save some money in 2014, so I’m going to try this. I’ve never been good with saving money, I’m going to pay off my credit card debt too. Thank you so much for posting!

  2. M says

    I don’t even make $20,000 a year. I’ve never had a gym membership (waste of money), cable, don’t eat lunch (we don’t get lunch breaks and I never have time to take 10 minutes to shove food down my throat), we eat out like once a month because of coupons, etc. There are people that do all those things and need help, but there’s more people who don’t make near $20,000 a year or even do most of what’s listed to begin with to save that kind of money. Something a little more realistic and down to earth would help and inspire people more. Thanks for the effort though.

    • Taylor says

      Agreed. I already don’t spend money on most of these things – hell, I don’t spend $54.79 a day as it is, aside from rent and bills!

      Some tips that could apply to more people (getting a roommate, living unconventionally like in an RV, suggestions for flexible side hustles, etc.) was what I hoped for.

      Still, some of these really are good even for people already on a budget, because they just haven’t thought of it before. I only recently started trimming my own hair after seeing a tutorial; I hadn’t tried until then because I just didn’t know how. The less detergent thing is good, too. Less anything, really. You get stuff just as clean with surprisingly little.

      Cable is big one people don’t think about. I pay for a basic internet package because I work from home, and between Netflix and free apps like FoxNow I don’t miss cable at all. It saves about $700 a year where I live.

      I also handwash and line-dry my clothes (and my kids’), which is a pain in the ass – and I’m not doing it by choice, trust me – but it saves at least $200 a year. Not bad, but again…no other option here, haha.

      Anyway. It’s a good post…just not helpful for me, personally. Perfect for people just started to budget and examine their needs vs. wants, though.

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