12 Ways to Get Organized for Back to School

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12 Ways to Get Organized for Back to School

get organized for Back to SchoolDoes the thought of getting organized for back to school have you feeling baffled? Do you wish you could get more organized but just don t know where to begin? Take a look below at 12 ways to get organized for back to school.

Below you will find 12 tips that can help you make the most of your time and your space so you can enjoy back to school success.

1. Create a family command station.
Create a space for the family to consult so they can know all of the upcoming events and happenings. This command station can include a calendar of events, dry erase board, cork board, and other items useful for displaying notes and agendas.

2. Establish a homework station.
Create a quiet space for children to do their homework in. The station can include of the supplies a child may need so once they are at the station there aren t further distractions. A simple desk, lamp, and supplies is all you need.

3. Pull out a week s worth of clothing.
Pull out a week s worth of clothing on Sunday night so during the week you can grab, dress, and go. This is a great way to save time in the morning and not waste energy looking for missing shirts and socks.

4. Practice menu planning.
Practice menu planning so you always know what is for lunch and dinner. This will help you avoid the what are we eating? dilemma and ensure that dinner is ready to go. No more fast food or carry out traps.

5. Organize your cabinets for easy lunch packing.
Clean out your cabinets and organize them so lunch foods are easy to access. Create a basket that includes your to-go and snack items. You can also pre pack bags of fruits and veggies for the fridge to make lunch packing a breeze.

6. Stock up on organizational items.
Grab all of those items you need during the year to stay organized. This can mean Ziploc bags for lunches, envelopes to send milk money in, and plenty of folders and files to keep papers organized.

7. Keep a pocket calendar.
Extra reminders never hurt. Now is the time to grab a dollar planner from your local dollar store. Keep it in your bag or car so you can jot notes in it as needed.

8. Take advantage of planning and organizing apps.
There are literally hundreds of organizational apps you can download to your smart phone for free. Take a look in the app store for apps such as Evernote which can help you stay organized easily.

9. Give kids jobs to be responsible for.
Let kids help out and pull their weight. Give each child a job such as pulling out their weekly clothing or assisting with lunch packing to make the jobs easier.

10. Add hooks by the door for school items.
Install hooks by the front door for keys, school bags, coats, and all of those items you typically look for as you are walking out of the door.

11. Assemble shoes at night.
Spend a few minutes each night placing pairs of shoes by the front door so you aren’t wasting time looking for them as the bus pulls up.

12. Establish new bedtimes.
A week before school begins, start implementing the back to school bedtime so children can begin to adapt to it and get in the routine of it.

Now is the time to start getting organized for the back to school season. Give these 12 ways to get organized for back to school a try and see what a difference they can make to your school year.

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy

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