12 Paleo Snacks You Will LOVE #Ad

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Check out 12 Paleo Snacks You Will LOVE

by Jenetta Penner at Foodie.com

Have you heard of Paleo eating?  I am sure you have.

It’s a style of eating in which you eat whole foods and has some restrictions like dairy and grains.  Being gluten free and always on the lookout for wholesome foods with more nutrition I really like Paleo style recipes.  We don’t eat a totally Paleo diet, but it is my opinion that if you can eat foods that taste great (like brownies!) AND it is also good for you it’s a win win!

In the widget above you are going to find some awesome Paleo Snacks.  I really hope that you enjoy them:

  1. Fried Vegetable Sticks
  2. The Best Paleo Brownies
  3. Coconut Banana “Ice Cream”
  4. Date and Cherry Paleo Treats
  5. Paleo Snack Mix
  6. Paleo Pretzel Dogs
  7. Paleo Frozen Chocolate Sea Salt Pie
  8. Salt and Pepper Zucchini Chips
  9. 3 Ingredient Berry Ice-Cream Pops
  10. Paleo Pumpkin Bars
  11. Paleo Sundae
  12. Paleo Chocolate Coconut and Lime Pie

Eating healthy is hard sometimes, but snacks like this make it A LOT easier!


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