12 New Ways to Eat Pie, What’s Your Favorite? #Ad

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Mmmm.. pie.

It’s so good. Seriously!

I don’t have pie often enough be when I do I kind of always wonder why it is not something I enjoy more often. I have one pie recipe on Frugal Living Mom and it is not a traditional one. It’s my Inside out Apple Pie.

It’s a whole apple with the “inside apple” removed, spices and sweetened. I put the filling back in and topped it off with a yummy gluten free crust (yours does not have to be gluten free), then baked it.


It is a super fun treat sure to impress your family.

I love some of the other pies that I found in the slideshow above, including, a pie “pop”, no bake pies, and paleo pies!

Talk about delicious.

Do you have a favorite pie? I am not sure that I do, but I know I enjoy a well made punkin with real whipped cream around the holidays (not that I would not eat that ANYTIME)!

Leave me a comment with your favorite pie flavor and if you have a great recipe, leave that there, too.

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