12 Creepy Treats for Halloween #Ad

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Check out 12 Creepy Treats for Halloween

by Jenetta Penner at Foodie.com

Halloween is coming quickly and I wanted to share with your some fun and spooky treat to add to the merriment!

Most of these are really easy and will be loved by the kids and adults. Just click on the Foodie widget above to see all 12!

  1. Halloween Pudding Cups
  2. Eye of Newt Pretzels
  3. Gingerbread Vampire Cookies
  4. Easy Halloween Chex Mix
  5. Halloween Owl Cupcake
  6. Applesauce Monster Halloween Treats
  7. Spider Bites Snack
  8. Carrot Fingers
  9. Eye Pops
  10. Candy “Corn”ge Slices
  11. Eyes Cubes
  12. Frog Smoothie with Eyeballs: Kiwi, Strawberry and Boba

Hope you have a GREAT holiday!

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