100 Days of Saving on Christmas: Day 5, Save Your Change Throughout the Year

100dayschangeThink about how much change you accumulate throughout the year. Most of the time, it collects dust in the bottom of your purse or gets used in vending machines. Skip the vending machines—your snacks and soda are cheaper at the grocery store—and save it for Christmas!

Every day, empty your purse and pockets of any change you’ve accumulated. Whenever you fill it up, take it to the bank and deposit it into an account for Christmas spending. Avoid the temptation to dig through your change jar for quarters—they will go much farther at Christmas time.

If you’re worried about using the money that you’ve saved before Christmas time comes, look at getting a Christmas club account. It’s an easy and stress free way to save money for Christmas without being tempted to spend it. (We’ll share more about that in a later tip!)

You can also open a savings account that isn’t linked to your checking account. If you can’t just log on and transfer money, you’ll be much less likely to touch your Christmas money.

How much change do you think you might be able to put aside?

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