Save Big On Christmas: Use Kohls Coupons for Freebies

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100dayskohlsDo you have a Kohl’s in your area?  If you do you know that you are pretty much “bombarded” with coupons from them.

I don’t really like the Kohl’s strategy of mark up everything sky high only to bring it down to a normal price with sales much, but that said, getting all those coupons is fun.

They often have $5 or $10 off pretty much ANY purchase coupons and this means you are going to be able to snag a freebie or pretty close to a freebie.  Generally these come as stickers on newspapers or in the mail. This means that if you use them right you can help stock a holiday gift-closet or get all your kids stocking stuffer for Christmas throughout the year.

Great sections to check for inexpensive goodies to use the coupons on are the kids accessories (jewelry, underwear, socks) section, the toys, home goods (think candles), any of the clearance sections, the housewares (think mugs, kitchen towels and cooking tools) and up near the front they sometimes even have food or candy.

What have you bought at Kohl’s with your freebie coupons?

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy

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