100 Days of Saving on Christmas: Day 2, Use FFD and Other Deal Blogs

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100daysusedffdOnly 99 days until Christmas and today my advice for saving is: Use FFD and Other Deal Blogs.

Frugal, Freebies and Deals and other deal blogs like Family Friendly Frugality, Surviving a Teacher’s Salary and Motherhood on a Dime do the work for you! We find ALL the deals.

Because of this it’s a great idea to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or get our newsletter so you never miss a deal.

FFD recently got a blog makeover so it is really easy to find your freebies and deals right from the home page.  You can check out our Online Shopping section, Full Size Freebies or even our Recipes section for updates on Healthy Holiday Recipes.

This makes finding your deals super easy and fast!

Snag 100 Days to Christmas: A Daily Dose of Inspiration & Motivation for a Busy Holiday Season. Grab an ebook that begins on September 16, and leads you day-by-day toward a peaceful and meaningful holiday season. Also included is a companion workbook containing 31 interactive lists from ListPlanIt.com for all of your holiday gift, card, party, and meal planning needs! eBook buyers will get a code for a FREE 60-Day trial to ListPlanIt.com!

Other than FFD (which is a given..lol) what are your favorite blogs for getting your Holiday deal fix?

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy

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