100 Days of Saving on Christmas: Day 18, Start a Family Tradition of Volunteering

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100daysvolAs you celebrate the Christmas season, it’s good to remember those who aren’t quite as fortunate as you. You and your family can make a tradition of donating some time to a worthy cause every Christmas season to give back to others and to truly appreciate what you have.

You can also use this to explore your family’s interests and passions. Try different organizations until you find one that you all enjoy. Some good places to try include nursing homes, animal shelters, programs for people with disabilities, and homeless shelters. Your city probably has a brochure on volunteering and what places accept volunteers.

You may have to volunteer on weekends or during the evening to accommodate everyone’s schedule. Just remember—it’s worth it! In addition to building character and enjoying the season more, volunteering is great experience for a child’s development and growth.

To keep everyone in the family interested, start off by volunteering for just a few hours at a time. This will give you a good feel for what’s expected of you and if it’s a good fit. As your family learns how nice it is to give back and how much you truly have, Christmas will become more about togetherness and less about gifts.

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This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy

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