Save Big on Christmas: Bake or Make Gifts

100daysbakeIt is still early but you might be starting to get anxious, wondering how you’re going to put aside enough money to buy all the Christmas gifts you have planned.

First, makes sure you check out our whole series so far on 100 Days of Saving on Christmas.

Then, instead of planning on spending a lot of money on Christmas gifts, save some money by making or baking gifts for people! When it comes down to it, Christmas is about friends and family.

They don’t want gifts from you so they can get a nice stash of loot, they want gifts from you that show that you care. Gifts that you make or bake are as good at that—sometimes even better—as presents that you buy at a store.

The important tip here is to use whatever skills you have. If you can’t make a batch of cookies without burning them, you probably don’t want to bake people gifts. Your gifts don’t have to even be creative in nature—whatever your skill is, offer it! If you can clean a house from top to bottom in two hours, give that to someone who’s just moved and is feeling overwhelmed.

If you are an artist, paint something that complements your friend’s decor. Once you start thinking about your family and what kinds of gifts they would enjoy, you’ll have no problem coming up with gifts to make and bake!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

    1. Chocolate Cover Cherry Granola
    2. Quick and Affordable DIY Coasters
    3. Homemade Natural Lemon Sugar Scrub
    4. Homemade Hot Cocoa in a Jar Gift
    5. Snowmen From A Hand Print Keepsake Christmas Ornament
    6. Snowmen S’mores & Marshmallow Snowmen Candy Sticks
    7. Make A Decorative Chalkboard
    8. Motto Art with frame
    9. Natural Lavender Chamomile Bath Salt Soak

For more ideas grab some low cost Kindle on Amazon about Homemade Christmas Gifts.

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