100 Days of Saving on Christmas: Day 12, Shop at Garage Sales for New Items

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100daysgarage-saleshopDid you have big Christmas’ growing up or moderate ones. It’s funny, mine were always BIG and I thought that everyone had big Christmas’. When I would talk to my friends I would rattle off my laundry list of everything I got, and they would list a few things. Truly, I was so confused.

See, not only was I an only child, my grandmother also lived with us. I was just a little spoiled. Luckily, I still ended up frugal and realized that “things” are not everything.

now with my own children I see the benefit of a moderate Christmas and I think that is how our family will always do it.

What about you?

And for our 12th tip on Saving on Christmas: Shop at Garage Sales for New Items.

You’d be surprised at how many garage sales have brand new items for just a couple bucks. We’ve all done it at one point—bought something new with the intention of using it, only to have it sit and collect dust. If you make a point of going to a couple of garage sales every week, you’re sure to find brand new items. Look for products in their boxes or with original packaging. You can find items that you can use for gifts. People will never know that you spent $2 instead of $20 on their gift!

Think about how much more you can do for everyone in your family if you find a few items new at a garage sale! You can use the extra money that you’ve saved on more gifts, stocking stuffers, or Christmas treats.

To get the most from this tip, plan way ahead for Christmas. Start going to garage sales in April or May—whenever they start in your area—and keep a general Christmas list in mind as you look for good bargains. Who knows what kind of present stockpile you’ll have by the time December rolls around?

Want to get in the Spirit early without spending a lot?

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This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy


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