100 Days of Saving on Christmas: Day 11, Buy From the Thrift Store and Save the Difference

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100daysthriftAre you thinking about Christmas yet? I know it’s early, but I just know that you can save the money to have the Christmas you want this year!

Imagine that you need three sets of pants and four new shirts for work. If you go to a regular retailer, you could easily spend $30 per pair of pants and $15 per shirt. That adds up to $150 just for a few outfits! Instead, take a look at the local thrift stores. Look at national stores, like Goodwill, as well as smaller, locally-owned secondhand stores.

This is a great way to save money for Christmas if you have kids. When you have children, they’ll only fit in clothes for a year or so before they outgrow them. They fit in clothes for even shorter periods of time when they’re babies! Buy your kids’ clothing used and put the difference away to spend on your kids’ Christmas presents.

Go to a store at least once a week—you never know what you’ll find. It all depends on what has been donated and what’s new on the floor. After a few trips, you’ll have the clothing you need.

Figure out what you would have spent on new clothing, and save the difference in your Christmas account. You have a great new wardrobe and some extra money to use for Christmas gifts!

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This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy

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