100 Days of Saving on Christmas: Day 10, Eat at Home

100 Days of Saving on Christmas: Day 10, Eat at HomeThis tip might seem simple, but it’s a hard one to follow after a long day of work when you don’t have dinner planned!

Going out to eat is up to two times as expensive as eating at home. To stick to your resolve, do menu planning. At the beginning or end of each week, sit down and plan out each of your dinners for the next week. Make a list of what you need for each meal and be sure to pick them up while grocery shopping. If you know that you have what you need to cook at home, then it will be a lot harder to just go out to eat instead.

To make sure you stick to the meals you have planned, pick things that you know you can make in the time you have. If you work until 6 P.M., you probably don’t want to plan on making beef wellington when you get home. Stick to easy meals that you can prep the night before and throw together when you get home. As you get used to cooking every night, you’ll get into a routine that will be easy to follow.

Enjoy the money you’re saving by eating at home! Look at how many times a week you used to eat out, and put the amount you would have spent at a restaurant into a Christmas account.

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