100 Days of Christmas Savings: Day 88, Cancel Unused Services

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100dayscancelWant an easy want to find all the services you use, but may have forgotten about? Grab your credit card bills from the year.

A lot of the time we signup for services and forget about them. On your credit card statement you will find the ones you you pay for  yearly and  monthly.

Grab a highlighter and highlight all the services you could do with out, or cut down. After this look at phone bills and other monthly bills, and  make sure you are using everything you are paying for.

Some of these unused services might be:

  • Cell phone and texting- If you are not using your entire monthly plan you may want downgrade to a lower plan. And if you find you are actually going over you may save money by upgrading- by not paying per minute charges, which are more expensive.
  • Home phone- are you using your home phone? If not you may want to cancel your service, or at minimum downgrade it. We downgraded to the lowest local plan and only use it for 1800 numbers and incoming calls.
  • Security System- If you have a security service ask you self if you actually use it, if not discontinue the service? You may have to wait until your contract ends to be able to stop this service.
  • The Gym- no explanation necessary.
  • Online Memberships- have you signed up for online forums that cost and you never visit any more or other services online (that my automatically draft for a new year)?  Make sure you are getting your $$$ worth, and if not cancel.
  • Warehouse Stores- Club store are fun, but they are not a savings for everyone.  There really is not much savings in that huge package of paper towels when membership costs $60 a year. Think about how many times you went this year and how much you actually saved. If the savings don’t outweigh the cost of the membership fee you should cancel (no matter how tempting the samples are.)

You may have more on your list, these can just get you started.  How much do you thing you can save by canceling unused or underused services and put aside for next years Christmas budget?

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This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy

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